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After 3 Heart Attacks...

June 19, 2003

"Hi Owen
Just a note to let you know that I saw my heart specialist and he said the EKG showed no evidence of any heart damage. Amazing isn't it!! You were right. I will email you more later, have to leave for work in a few minutes. Life is great."
Carol Smith

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The Pauling Vitamin C/Lysine Therapy for Heart Disease 


Tower HeartTechnology Formula


Before reading the contents of this now massive web site, it is imperative that you obtain and read the new book by Cardiologist Thomas E. Levy, MD. JD. as if your life depended on it. This book can be ordered [here] Note: We have no financial interest in the Levy book, but we recognize the importance of what Dr. Levy has accomplished. Even we previously believed the myth that the science connecting vitamin C with heart disease was tenuous, or did not exist. Dr. Levy squashes that myth with overwhelming scientific support. This book may even create a legal obligation in any doctor (especially cardiologist) who can be made to read it.

After your read Dr. Levy's book, you will understand your condition (if you are a CVD patient) and will then be prepared to apply the knowledge that you find here, the Pauling invention for reversing early forms of heart disease.

It is a scientific fact that heart disease can be completely prevented. The Pauling invention, as anecdotally described here, can even reverse certain forms of heart disease, but this has been less well studied.

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Owen's Paper: The Cure for Heart Disease
CHRONIC SCURVY The Suppression of the Real Nature, Cause and Outright Cure for Heart Disease ...
CoQ10 and Statins: The Vitamin C Connection...
Type II Diabetes, Glucose-Ascorbate Antagonism, and Heart Disease...
Short Heart Disease Pamphlet (PDF file). Make copies for family and friends


"The Vascula surgeon is staggered... The artery is clear." - Sep 2005

Hello Owen,

You maybe interested in the following information.

I have now been taking Pauling's therapy [Vitamin C/Lysine] for a period of two years. The amount taken has been 3000mg ea. in total each day, split morning & evening. I may have missed on a couple of occasions. These quantities are listed as a preventive dose. Prior to taking Linus Pauling's therapy my condition was as follows.

  • I was admitted to Hospital with a stroke 24/004/03.
  • The only damage I suffered was loss of eyesight in the left eye.
  • Following my discharge from hospital I was subjected to a Carotid angiogram which proved unsuccessful due to the plague within the arteries. The left artery was down to a trickle with atherosclerosis spreading deeper into my cranium. My right artery was also infected with atherosclerosis .
  • At this stage I decided on a second opinion. The results were the same. I was virtually told that it was only a matter of time.
  • At this point of the saga I decided I would navigate my own destiny. " Enter [The Pauling Vitamin c/lysine therapy]" [*]
  • The only one request to my vascular surgeon would they monitor by scan the effect . This they agreed.
  • I have been scanned every six months.
  • Eighteen months has passed and no comment has been made by the Vascular surgeon.

In June 22/6/05 I had my last scan. The result is the left Carotid artery according to the Vascular surgeon has closed down. The atherosclerosis beyond the blockage, which was entering deeper into my cranium has disappeared, in other words, the artery is clear. My right artery is also clear.

The Vascula surgeon is staggered.

Maybe had I gone onto the therapeutic quantities, my left artery may have cleared the plaque blocking it?

However this is very good news. My next scan is in December so I am hoping for just as good news. will keep you posted on the next scan.

regards Gerald G. (Australia)

"I suffer from intermittent caudication and hope the Pauling therapy will help me. It sure helped my next door neighbor! He went from a 90% blockage to a 10% blockage in 3 months." - C. A. W., June 2004

"I have a 100% blockage at the top of the LAD artery and had been using 2 jars a month. I read on your site that you had very little success with a 100% blockage. I stopped taking the formula and the angina came back." - K.A.C., June 2004

"My mother was diagnosed with an 80% blockage 18 months ago, but she would only take 1 jar of the Pauling therapy per month. Her last visit revealed that her blockages are all gone. The surprised doctor asked what she was doing - she told him about Tower Heart Technology. His response, "I doubt that could have any effect. On the other hand, I don't have 2 Nobel prizes..." - May 2004


 3-year clinical trial, 200+ males

6000 mg Vitamin C, 6000 mg Lysine, 800 IU Vitamin E

'First-Ever' Soon to be Published...

Plaque growth 800-1500 percent higher in placebo group

Subject: Re: Trial on Lp(a) - using high doses.

Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 17:53:32 -0000

Dear Owen,

>From 1997 to year 2000 ( 2-3 year study) we conducted a trial using 6g/day magnesium-ascorbate, 6g Lysine and 800 iu Vitamin E and in addition flavonoids. The formulation is very similar to your suggestion and Linus Paulings.

We now have a lot of data on 200+ male individuals including Lp(a) but also on atherosclerotic, plaque size progression, plod pressure, lipid profiles (cholesterol, triglyserides).

You may be interested in viewing some of this data (yet unpublished) soon to be published.

One main important observation was that the plaque growth progression was nearly halted to about 2-3% per year in comparison with natural progression of 15-30%.

We did not find a significant reduction in Lp(a) as such but a clear reduction in Apob.

There were also other benefits such as the hair started to re-grow in several individuals.

The frequency of common colds were also reduced.

Best regards
Dr. K. Kenton
United Kingdom

[ Editor's Note: This is the first known trial of Pauling's recommendations for heart disease. While the reported result is spectacular, it is surprising that Lp(a) was not significantly reduced within a 3-year trial. Assuming the Lp(a) measurements stand up, then some other ingredient in the Tower HeartTechnology formula must be responsible for the dramtic reductions in Lp(a) we have been monitoring. My bet it will turn out to be proline - Owen Fonorow]

Here's What Former Heart Patients Have to Say About Linus Pauling's High Dosage Therapy and Tower Heart Technology Mix

My Chest Pain is Gone -- March 2006

(See This post at the Vitamin C Foundation Forum)
My med history ranks as at the extreme end of desperate. I started using ascorbic acid about four months ago.I gradually added more of the elements of the pauling protocol as I felt better.I am now on the full protocol as described by pauling, and our host/friend owen.

I have not felt this good in over twelve years. My first MI was '95 last was '03. I have had five operations and my dr's have never been able to explain what was killing me. i had tried everything including strict vegan etc for five years straight and with no cheating. nothing worked, I just got worse. the ascorbic acid puzzle explains the 'missing piece'.

Now I know. I also know I will probably live a healty life for several more years free of artery disease. can you imagine how I feel?


Follow-up post

This is my story about the article that describes what i am taking and doing now to stop chest pain and to stop what would be my fifth and possibly my final heart attack. I have already had five heart operations including a quad bypass and various stent operations, none radioactive thank goodness.

Although I was doing everything expected of me i.e. following the Ornish plan which in my case involved being a strict vegetarian (vegan) for five years. (I did all this immediately after my first heart attack and quad bypass in 1995.) I was 41 years old in 1995. I continued to get worse.

I suffered three more heart attacks and four more heart operations, the last heart attack (my fourth) and another heart operation ( my fifth) in DEC. of 2003. at that time my Dr's recommended the possibility of a pacemaker/defibrillator be installed. they did not know what was killing me, but said they would be able to 'take care of me' with more operations! I declined to have an 'operation/test' that would result in maybe having a pacemaker installed. that was Dec. 2003.

last October of 2005 I did intensive research (on the Internet) to discover what i could do to stay alive. I was having more chest pain and I realized I was over due for another heart attack and operation (based on my previous ten years experience).

I discovered, or rediscovered what Linus Pauling had to say about heart disease. the 'powers that be' did a good job of influencing me to ignore Linus Pauling, describing him as a failing old man with a 'mental' problem who had once been a great scientist. they said he was wrong about vitamin c. I believed them.

I recently read all of Linus Pauling's books. I was very impressed and I finally understood my situation. this led me to search for more info on Rath, etc. I now consider Linus Pauling to be the greatest most significant scientist of this era. He really devoted a big chunk of his life and made the best effort to get the word out about ascorbic acid. fortunately for mankind he is not alone. Pauling was proceeded by great men and women in the study of vitamin C and that work continues with great men and women today.

The real issue now is how to get the word out about ascorbic acid. in my opinion Owen Fonorow may be making the greatest effort for this positive change with his website (along with other folks and the folks that post there). I point friends to his site often. is it our site?

The following article describes what Ii am currently doing in terms of vitamin intake, etc. thanks again Owen for a great article. I did slowly stop my statins and blood pressure meds etc. back around Nov. 2005. I started ten grams of c every day spaced out five times during the day about that same time. I felt so much better after a few weeks that i continued my research and the use of c and now follow this in full:


I have not felt this good in over twelve years!

I would also like to say that I have read some Atkins. he is one of the few doctors that recommends vitamin c and makes good reference to Linus Pauling. I was getting to be on the heavy side and decided to lose about thirty pounds to get to a weight that makes me feel and look even better. I have already lost thirteen lbs in one month. I don't feel hungry, ever, and I feel better by eating this way. I'm glad i did the vitamin c protocol before I did Atkins. I can say Idefinitely had my chest pain completely disappear with the vitamins as well as my thoughts of having another heart attack and heart operation. I will continue with c, etc.

one last word.

The effort to prevent the knowledge about ascorbic acid (vitamin c) getting out to the mass of humankind is in my opinion the greatest tyranny of all time. for that reason i would like to share one web site that deals with fighting tyranny of all kinds. ironically like my rediscovery of Linus Pauling, i needed to rediscover the greatest social technology ever created to oppose all types of tyranny. here is that website:


in closing i wish everyone life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,

Richard (individual freedom)

After only 2 weeks I began feeling like a new person...

Nov 8, 2004

My name is Pauline (Sarah) Sowders. I am 62 years old and had quadruple heart bypass surgery March 2002. Had incredibly difficult time recuperating. Disagreed with my doctor on treatment regarding statin drugs. My problems with statins were muscle cramps, severe joint pain, stomach pain, depression and nerve problems which finally caused me to take a medical leave from my job this past March. Some time ago a friend recommended taking the following supplements instead of prescription drugs:

 Fish Oil Pills 1,000 mg - 6/day
 Red Yeast Rice 600 mg - 4/day
 Vitamin E 400 mg - 1/day
 Folic Acid 400 mg  - 2/day

I felt no significant change.

Sept 1st of this year I found the following statement on a web site (can't remember where but thank GOD!). "Try this - guaranteed to lower cholesterol at least 18% in six weeks." 6000 mg. Vitamin C, 6000 mg L-Lysine, 200 mg CoQ10.

I began taking this combo in addition to the Fish Oil etc. on Sept 12 of this year. I'm not sure if the fish oil regimen in combination with the vit. C made a difference or if it was just the Vitamin C regimen. But, after only two weeks I began feeling like a new person. For the first time in years I wanted to do things that I had to force myself to do only a few days before. I began cleaning, cooking, sewing, working in the yard - just could not figure out how to work everything into each short day. I actually enjoy getting up in the morning.

I found the Heart Technology web site a few days after I discovered this vitamin C stuff works. Really was having trouble swallowing 24 vitamin pills per a plus a blood thinner and baby aspirin. My regimin is now as follows: (so simple)

Have stopped the blood thinner and baby aspirin. (NO MORE BRUISES! THANK YOU LORD!)

My blood test results from May 2004 and October 2004 follow. (LDL dropped from 203 to 161 and total cholesterol dropped from 290 to 248).

I had been off statin drugs for approximately 3 months before each test. The October test was done after being on vitamin C for one month. Both my doctor and I were thrilled about the latest test results, until he discovered that I was not taking any prescription drugs, at which time he said, "Youre playing Russian roulette you know." Maybe so, but I doubt it. I feel wonderful and the proof is in the puddin.

I have been on Pauling Therapy 6 years...

Dear Mr. Fonorow,

I was suffering from angina and a serious blockage to the back of my heart in 1998. I found this web site and have been on Dr. Paulings Vitamin C & Lysine therapy for around six years now. I wish I had known then what I know now about other things. I've had several strokes due to elevated blood pressure and hi blood sugar.

Thankfully, these things are under control now. To vindicate my convictions about the 'Pauling Therapy', the many (and I might add diverse) Echo Cardiograms have revealed on four different occasions ...there are no plaques in my chest, heart or carotid arteries. The last and most comprehensive doppler was what they called a TEE (Transe Esophageal EKG) where a transducer is lowered into the esophagus. Ultrasonic pinging takes very fine pictures of the surrounding vascular system and reveals even minute vascular problems including plaque build-ups of course.

This TEE revealed no plaques (it did reveal a pin-hole between heart valves that they say is no threat...). I need no convincing about Linus Paulings Vitamin C & Lysine discoveries(!)

Thanks Owen R.M. (formerly) of Florida

Original Richard M. Testimony

"I couldn't walk across the room without pain..."

Sat Apr 3 18:20:28 CST 2004

I have come from having angina so bad that I couldn't walk across the room without having to sit down and rest. Having the Doctors tell me that I would have to live with the angina for the rest of my life and that I needed to take life easy, no working, no yard work. My heart had heart damage and I had to learn to live with it. I couldn't accept that.

After having 3 heart attacks, I felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain [trying Pauling's therapy] and I was lucky enough that I wasn't on any blood thinners except 1 Aspirin every 12 hours (I refused to take Coumadin) and the A-9 & Unique E and work with me.

Now I work 5 days a week. I got up at 6am did the laundry, clean the house and did 3 hours of weeding in my garden before I went to work this afternoon. Am I tired? YES but I feel great!!! NO ANGINA. I was willing to do anything to get my health and life back and I now have it. Would I do it again? YES The Heart Technology & Unique-E was the answer to my prayers and to my heart problem.

I hear from people who are looking for answers for their heart problems. I share with them about Heart Technology and Unique-E but I haven't heard back from anyone yet whether it has worked for them or if they ever started using both products? Some who would like to take the two products can't because: 1.The cost 2. Needs Doctor's okay 3. Already on blood thinners.

Most of the people I have talked to start out by taking Heart Technology and it does stop angina and helps your heart.

Everyone situation is different and you have to make the right choices for your situation.


I have started to feel better (9 days)...

Thu Jan 29 13:35:26 CST 2004

Dear mr. Owen, this is to let you know that I started taking the therapy treatment on the 20th of January, which was the day that I received it.by the way, and I have started to feel better. My wife lets me know that my breathing while asleep, looks and sounds more normal than before and of course, this is good news to me because I feel that I can breathe and fill my lungs with more air while doing so. My chest pains have slowly but surely dissapated also.

I have a question that I would like answered. Does a person while on the heart therapy, continue his regular medications and for how long? The reason I ask is because I take a lot of them and while I am doing both, there was the lingering question, for how long? Now what I mean of course is how long concerning the medications and not the heart therapy itself. Thank You, and reply soon please.

Joe D. Muniz

I am absolutely thrilled...

January 2004

Dear Owen,

I started the 6 g per day of Vit.C and Lysine, (with the other items, on January 3rd. 2004). After only 3 days and onwards I believed that I was feeling some small benefits, but today, 12th. January, I have been for a brisk walk of approx. 1 mile, (in my lunch break), with some undulation, and have not suffered any Angina pain. I could not have done this walk, prior to January 3rd. Without considerable angina being noticed, to the point where I would not have considered attempting the exercise. I am absolutely thrilled, and after telling my Wife, Daughter and Son, I felt that I had to tell you, and say thanks. I will continue as recommended and advise again around the end of January.

Many, many thanks for you responding to my initial Email.


Barry Martin.

Metreel Limited, Cossall Industrial Estate, Ilkeston, Derbyshire,
England. DE7 5UA.
Tel. +44 (0)115 9327010.        Fax. +44 (0)115 9306263.  E-mail -

Dear Owen,

Further, my current daily medication, as prescribed by my Doctor is :- Clopidogril 75mg., Atorvastatin 60mg., Atenolol 50mg., Aspirin 75mg., Nicorandil 40mg., Isosorbide Mononitrate 60mg.

As from 3rd. January I have reduced my Atorvastatin to 20mg.

I am also taking, from 3rd. January, 6g. Per day of Vitamin C, 6g. of Lysine, along with CoQ10, multivitamin, magnesium and vitamin E.

My current intention is to keep on with all of the above viamin treatment. In February I plan on seeing my Angigram doctor, when I will ask him to carry out a treadmill test, and possibly an angiogram. This will determine if the blockages have receeded, (as I believe), and /or if the bypass artery that went into spasm has re-opened. I will then ask him to revue the medication prescribed by him, my Surgeon and the Angioplasty Doctor. I hope he will recommend that I come off the "prescribed" medication.

I trust the above is of interest / use, and I look forward to any comments / advice that you may have to offer; in any event I will up-date you at the end of January, and again on visiting my Angiogram Doctor.

Many thanks.

Barry Martin.

Metreel Limited, Cossall Industrial Estate, Ilkeston, Derbyshire,
England. DE7 5UA.
Tel. +44 (0)115 9327010.        Fax. +44 (0)115 9306263.  E-mail -

Letter to the Editor

From: Gordon Cammell
To: The Editor O.C. Register
Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2003 8:12 AM
Subject: New heart remedy discovery
In today's Register, you have printed an article in "Focus Health" which declares that a new synthetic HDL has been discovered, that cleans plaque from the arteries, and thus helps to aid in the cure of heart disease.

Last week, I sent you a report that showed that Dr. Linus Pauling's recommended therapy had already given me exactly the same results, and that thousands of other people with heart disease had also benefited from his therapy, without having to wait for a patented medicine to come on the market in perhaps four years time.

For anyone who might be interested in Dr.Pauling's discovery, I would suggest that they log onto http://www.thecureforheartdisease.com/owen/TheoryPaper.htm and read "The Long Neglected Theory of Cardiovascular and Heart Disease.

Gordon Cammell, Laguna Niguel. (949)496-3750

Proline and Atrial Fibrillation

From: Gordon Cammell 
To: Owen Richard Fonorow 
Sent: Friday, October 24, 2003 12:18 PM
Subject: Personal testimonial for Pauling/Rath therapy

Dear Mr. Fonorow,

I know that you already must have a mountain of testimonials attesting to the value of the Vitamin "C" and L-Proline L-Lysine therapy, but I am sure you won't mind reading one from me, since my experience with heart disease may vary from that of many others. My story includes a favorable response to Atrial Fibrillation.

Some years ago, I was given an Angioplasty, since one of my arteries was 75% closed. This procedure, improved the standard of my daily life for several months, until it was discovered that my artery had closed again. Another angioplasty was performed, and this time a stent was inserted to hold the artery open. I continued to enjoy life to the full, but a year or two later, my heartbeat became very irregular.

I have suffered from high cholesterol (around 270) for many years, and when I took Leschol to improve this condition, I went into Jaundice, and was admitted to hospital for treatment for two weeks. It was subsequently diagnosed that the Leschol, together with a combination of other drugs that I was taking for high blood pressure, was the cause of my jaundice.

Eventually, some years later, my irregular heartbeat condition progressed to Atrial Fibrillation, and I was given Sotolol in the hope that this would help with my problem. Subsequently, I underwent a Cardioversion procedure. This put my heart back into sinus rythm for about five months, when it became necessary for me to have another Cardioversion . This in turn lasted for maybe two months, when I was once again, back in Atrial Fibrillation. Since Solotol was no longer helping me, my doctor decided to discontinue its use, and instead, prescribed Amiodarone . A week later, I underwent my third cardioversion, and this time I was in S.R. for no more than an hour, before reverting once again to Atrial Fibrillation. However, within a week , I found that although I was no longer in Fibrillation, my heartbeat was irregular. At this time, I learned of the Pauling/Rath therapy, and began to take around 6-8 grams of vitamin C and 6grams of Lysine daily.

After about six weeks, I still had an irregular heart beat, and so I added L-Proline to my Lysine intake, and within quite a short time period, I discovered that my heart was in S.R.. When it continued in this state for a couple of weeks, I decided to attempt to wean myself off Amiodarone, since I was aware of its proclivity to cause severe side effects.

I had started taking 400mg of this drug daily, and over a period of several weeks, slowly reduced its intake, until I was taking only 50mg every second day. Just over a week ago now, I stopped this drug completely, and I am still in S.R.

I forgot to mention that after my second cardioversion, it was considered necessary for me to have a pacemaker inserted, since my heart beat had dropped to around 38 bpm. I am now feeling extremely well, and am no longer limited in any way from doing any desired daily activities. I know that I have Dr. Pauling and Dr. Rath to thank for this, and shall be eternally grateful to them. I should add that I am now 80 years of age. Thank you in anticipation of your taking time to read yet another testimonial to the Dr.Pauling/Rath therapy.

Gordon Cammell.

p.s. In the message that I just sent to you, I forgot to mention that I have recently had a blood panel check, and it disclosed some significant improvements from my last one, done a year ago. I am attaching a copy of the changes, in case you may think they are important

After 2 Heart Attacks...

July 2003

"I've never seen such a drop in cholesterol numbers...

"To our wonderment and surprise, in 8 months his cholesterol had dropped from 246 to 164 and his LDL cholesterol had dropped from 163 to 101, all on 2 jars of Tower Heart Technology per month, plus 2,000 mg. additional vitamin C as ascorbic acid." - Sally Jewell, Luisville, KY

If cardiologists knew this, they would be recommending Paulings therapy to all their patients." (William Cook's doctor)

See William Cooks Cholesterol and Case Report.
Read Cook's Press Release

Taking Heart Technology for 5-years

June 2003


I have been taking heart technology for 5 years since I was diagnosed having a heart disease. My last angiogram shows no progression in those blocks. Credit must be given to Heart Technology.



I am very grateful for finding Heart Technology

January 2004


The update is as follows---- I FEEL TERRIFIC!!!!!!! The chest pains are gone. As well as all the classic symptoms of a heart attack. Weight has come down, cholesterol has come down. I have been on a full exercise regimen and I have had nary a problem or 'moment' (mine and Carol's pet name) The last blood work done, except for what my doctor considered a bit high sugar level, was excellent. Blood Pressure has averaged 110/76 for the last 3 months(the doctor cut the Toprol XL dosage in half), cholesterol no higher then 168 total. HDL is still low at 34 but I have not taken Niacin which was suggested-I figure the longer I exercise it will slowly get back up to a good level. It is so nice to feel whole again! Not having to feel the heart beat, or suffering palpitations that takes your breath away every 5 minutes or so, the tightness, the 'symptoms' of a heart attack 24 hrs a day 7 days a week!!. I am very grateful for finding Heart Technology, you, and people who have come before me, that tried the product and have had success in regaining their health also! Here's to continued good health!!!!

Paul DeFerrari
Atlanta GA

Can't Begin to Tell You How Great I Feel

June 2003

Can't begin to tell you how great I have been feeling lately. 3rd month on Tower Heart Technology/Pauling Therapy and the comparision to me this time last year well exceedes a 360' turnaround!!!

I do get an occasional palp or two but they go away quickly. I am also back working out-today for example-threadmill at 3.5mph for 20 minutes a sport art stair stepper for 20 minutes then some weight lifting for another 20-- a year ago this would not have been possible,heck 4 months ago this wouldnt have been possible!!! Most pleased and grateful I am.


Paul DeFerrari
Atlanta GA

So far so good: "Normal EKG" on HT!

June 2003


So far so good on the HT product!

Had to have a EKG last Friday-the heart started palpatating which went on for about 15minutes without let up-it was completely normal.

For the last year and half EKG's were either 'abnormal within normal range' or 'abnormal' -this time completely normal.

That made me smile a bit! Have a follow up with cardiologist in August am sure it will be run again so am curiously waiting to see that result too!

Thought i should at least give you a quick update and promise better detailed one as well if this turn around continues- I have no doubt it will


Paul DeFerrari

Atlanta GA

Nothing Else Changed My Condition

I am Indre malik, I want to relate an incidence with me which happened abou t two months ago I went thru periodontal flap surgery on the insistence of my su rgeon which I realize now I shouldnt have done. One week later on my first visit to the Gym after my surgery I had angina like symptoms ie chest pain radiating to my jaw. Incidentally I had a vigerous workout one day before my surgery with no complaints. I went to the cardiologist and he gave me aspirin and clopidogril 75-75 combination tablet and Glyceryl trinitrate and asked me to get thallium s tress test. Now since my last and only visit to the cardiologist my angina start ed to come more often...maybe because of mental stress due to my new found condi tion.
I did internet search on the condition and came across paulings research in the area with Vitamin C. Since than I have started taking 6 grams of Vitamin C daily with marked reduction in the condition of my anginal pain and a big improv ement in my energy levels and sense of well being. Unfortunatly except for Vitam in C no other ingrediants like Lysine or proline are available in INDIA where I live. I have been taking Co Q 10 ..50 mg capsule daily.

February 2003

Owen, good morning.

Regarding large doses of the Vitamin C which I now take with Lysine--how wonderful that it is effective with so many more of health concerns, like brusing, eyes, gums, etc.,etc. I feel like a new person. My running has even become easier.

E. S.

November 5, 2002


I really love the (HeartTechnology) product and tell everyone about it. I also have informed my Dr. and he just said "oh, your heart must have formed a natural by-pass." He wouldn't even read the liturature,,,,,,too bad for him and the rest of his patients.

J. M.
October 18, 2002

"This Stuff WORKS!!"

My wife has been on heart tech for 15 months now (1jar) after 3 bypass. She had an additional artery closing down and the dr was going to do brachatherapy on her when they went in one month after starting on heart tech the blockage was gone and they backed out. Bottom line,"This stuff WORKS!!"

John & Ruby Wenskus
650 Cloudcroft Dr.
Deltona Fl 32738

September 12, 2002


Just wanted to say thank you. My husband was diagnosed with cardiovascular heart disease two years ago. He quit smoking (used to smoke three packs a day), we changed our dietary habits and he got very serious with his exercise program. he had a 30% blockage in one artery and a 70% blockage in another.

His cardiologist tried him on countless medications which seemed to do nothing more than cost us a fortune and cause him to have just every side effect imaginable. All the while he continued to have chest pain.

I cannot tell you how many times in the past two years we have been to the emergency room thinking he was having a heart attack.

In June of this he was back in the hospital. They put in a stent. The 30% blockage now was 95%. Through the summer he didnt make any improvement. He still had chest pains every day and would get nauseated and lightheaded in extreme heat and/or with exertion or sometimes without extreme heat or exertion.


In August of this year he was back in the hospital. The stent was not open all the way and had scar tissue surrounding it. They cleaned out his arteries and put in another stent. He began taking HEART TECHNOLOGY (and quit taking the medication his cardiologist had prescribed) just about a week or so before the last stent was put in. Yesterday, it was 100 degrees here and he called me from work to say he felt like a million bucks! He had been feeling better the past couple of weeks but, I don't think either one of us were getting our hopes up thinking it was permanent.

I have spent the summer wondering "Is this the day he has the heart attack?"; "is this the time I take him to the hospital and he doesn't come home with me?" God only knows what has went through his mind!

I believe you have saved his life and I think you on behalf of myself and our three sons (ages 5, 11 and 17) for keeping him with us for what I believe will be a very long time.


Mrs. P.  K. 
Alexandria, KY

Erasing Bad EKGs

Fri Jun 20 09:43:09 CDT 2003

Hi Owen,

You said, if I would add 2000iu of Unique-E brand vitamin E (to my Heart Technology) for 3 months that it should reverse the heart damage. You were right. I just had an EKG done and there is no evidence of any heart damage. The Heart Specialist was amazed. He told my husband I was amazing that I had survived three heart attacks and that now there is no longer evidence of any heart damage. My ventricle is beating normally and that I basically now have a healthy heart. He believes that I still have a small ventricle blockage (because I still occasionally have some chest pain) but he is not that concerned. (If he new all that I do and how hard I push myself, he would understand why occasionally I have chest pains.) He did tell me to listen to my body and slowdown. I am doing everything I ever did before I had my first heart attack and much more. Life is great!!!!

When I had my 3rd heart attack, January 24, 2003, the Heart cauterization showed that the main artergy from my 2nd heart attack had opened back up, and was healthy. It did however show a blockage in the lower ventricle and he recommended a medicial stent to take care of the problem. I have decided medical stent are not the answer, as The Heart Technology products dissolved the blockage after my 2nd heart attack and I believe it will go so again.

Yes I am taking 5 (400 IU) Unique E 2000 IU along with 2 Life Force Multiple vitamins every morning for the last 3 months. I also am now taking one Tablespoon of the NEW TOWER ASCORSINE 9 in a glass of water every morning for the last month. (I just love the new A9, it tastes great and the combination of the three really works.)

I still take my Heart pills - one diltiazem 240mg and two Metoprolol Tartrate 50mg every morning. I take one Lisinopril 10mg, 2 Metoprolol Tartrate 50 mg and 1 Plavix 75mg every night. Bedtime I take 2 heaping teaspoons of Tower Anti-Aging in a glass of water.

Take care and email me if you have any questions.

Carol Smith


Phone #360 577-1082

[Editors Note: One point of clarification: The American Heart Association reported that only vitamin C can regrow heart muscle in lab experiments. See Vitamin C Transforms Mouse Stem Cells Into Heart Muscle Cells . In these experiments with heart stem cells - 880 substances were tried - but ONLY 1 - vitamin C - regenerated new heart muscle cells. So the EKG reversal in Carol Smith's case, and other cases of regrowing new heart cells, may require high dose vitamin C. It appears likely that the impressive number of reports supporting the notion that high Unique-E (vitamin E from A. C. Grace company) improves bad EKGs may be its ability to enhance the effect of vitamin C on heart muscle..-Owen Fonorow]


I received in the mail today from my heart specialist, Dr. Au, a printout of my EKG, on the printout he wrote


I now have proof of how well the Tower Products combined with Unique-E works.

Thank you


More Carol Smith Testimony (below)
Carol's EKG Printouts

June 2003 - Founder of International Council for Health Freedom

"I had an immediate, direct and palpable response to Ascorsine added to my program. This is good stuff! "

I had an immediate, direct and palpable response to Ascorsine (Professional Tower Heart Technology) added to my program. This is good stuff! And I am back to intermittent EDTA chelation to help keep things working. I'm not claiming total victory yet by a long shot...

Full Testimony by Mike Culbert

Failure Reports

Pain Increases on Calcium Ascorbate


23 Feb 2006

Dr O. Fonorow Viamin C Foundation P.O. Box 3097 LISLE, IL 60532 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Dear Owen Fonorow

Thank you so much for your reply to my faxed letter in mid January, and for the package of the Video, sundry information and that marvelous booklet, A Clinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C.

Four weeks ago I started a Vitamin C and Lysine regime as follows:

16 grams Calcium Ascorbate, 6 grams Lysine, 4 Grams Proline, 2 grams Magnesium, 2 Q10 capsuls, plus vitamins E A B Complex, Folic Aid, Zinc and A.

When I commenced the above regine I could walk for about a quarter of a mile before experiencing heart pain. Squirts of Nitrolingual spray would keep me going for the next hour and a half.

Now, after four weeks of the above regine I can hardly walk to the bathroom without severe chest pain and I wonder what I am doing wrongly.

In all the literature I have been able to find so far on the Linus Pauling Therapy, the Vitamin C component is refered to as Ascorbate. In seeking information from health food shops I have been given various answers re what sort of ascorbate I should purchase to take in large quantities. Most health food shops said that Plain Ascorbate is Citric Acid and could not be taken in large amounts as it would cause stomach problems, so I bought Calcium Ascorbate which is 90% Vit C and 10% Calcium

As, after four weeks of the above regime I thought that I may start to improve, even ever so slightly, rather than deteriorate, I am forced to consider the possibility that I have been taking the wrong sort of Ascorbate or even that it may be an inferior product. Perhaps shelf life may have something to do with it, but I would like to know in what form to buy Ascorbate.

Yours Sincerely

Edward P.

From an advisor: URGENT! LETHAL! THAT MUCH CALCIUM ASCORBATE IS CAUSING CALCIUM OVERLOAD - You are getting close to 1.6 grams of Calcium! (Dr. Levy does not recommend calcium ascorbate nor calcium supplements for this reason.)

CONTINUE Magnesium, but reduce to 1 gram in 3 divided doses

Begin Taking Omega 3 Fish Oil or Cod Liver Oil, 1 - 3 teaspoons daily

Change to straight ascorbic acid - (Reduce ascorbate to 6 - 10 grams (or bowel tolerance)) Take in 3 - 6 divided doses

Ralph Lotz, Independent Researcher

Note: I am a Researcher, not a doctor. My advice is to find a doctor with whom you can work.

No Reduction in Lp(a) on Large Dose

Dear Mr. Fonorow,

I used (Heart Technology-Lipo-a) for 6 months and saw only a modest decrease in my lipo-a. I currently have a lipo-a of 102. Six months ago when I started the mix, at 6 tsps a day, ($100 per month) my lipo-a was 104. I am gradually decreasing the product, until the remaining 3 jars are gone.

I am disappointed in the product as your literature, testimonals, web site, product label are dedicated to the reduction of lipo-a. After 2 heart attacks and a stent, I had high hopes that this product would help me, as I am 51 years young. If more convincing data becomes available on the reduction of lipo-a as a result of using the product Heart Technology, I will be happy to reconsider.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Donna Gross

[Editors Note: We don't get many negative reports, but we will post any and all reports - good or bad. The doctors familiar with the Pauling protocol report that it can take from 6 to 14 months to measure a substantial reduction in serum Lp(a). In this case, knowing the National lab Mrs. Gross used, we suspect the Lp(a) result. (Recently the FDA allowed labs to "calculate" rather than "measure" Lp(a)). We have offered to retest Donna with an Atherotech VAP Lp(a) test and check her results. - Owen Fonorow ]


Problems with the treatment

Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 20:56:29 +0300

Dear Owen,

Like many near hopeless people who have tried everything else, I turned, hopefully to the whole nine yards of the "cure" as you call it.  I have been on 10 grams of Vit C and 6 of Lysine while waiting for my first month's supply of Tower Heart and now am awaiting my second.  I am using the 2 jar a month dossage and my wife is using a third jar for elevated blood pressure.  As you know many of us are close to desperate, and other things have not worked. 

I have had a bypass at 52 - now 6 1/2 years ago and recently have had daily angina. 

I am a runner (8 marathons), near vegetarian, non-smoker, perfect weight, no diabeties, no drugs and have been for 20 years - yet I am dealing with heart problems.  It isn't fair. 

I know I have the hereditary gene for high cholesterol and since by bypass have been on increasing amounts of Lipitor and lately Zocor and have reached the maximum of 80 mgs. 


After the first month, I took a blood cholesterol test.  The results were shocking - not in the way I was hoping.  While on Zocor I had managed a total of 160 with LDL at 97.  Now on the "powder" my total jumped to 230 with LDL at 160.   These numbers would be a nightmare for my doctor if he were to see them.  But I am sticking to the program with Tower. 

I am also taking 4 grams extra C and 2 grams extra Lysine in addition to 100 mg Q10 and etc. 

I have done it all and continue to see no improvement.  I try not to have doubts because I also believe that positive thinking, meditation, visualization, and faith need to be a part BUT I have nagging doubts that I have "bought" the program that was keeping LDL in check and now it has soared to dangerous heights.  WHat do you think? 

Are you so confident that you can feel OK about someone who has believed in all the testimonials and "news and view" you present so convincingly, that you tell me to "stay the course"?  Am I really an anomoly or are their others who find this therapy doesn't work?  Should I attribute this shocking change in cholesterol to the newness factor and the body's reaction?  By the way, I have had little change in daily angina as well.  I still have it at all the same times and places. 

How long do you feel convinced I should continue before I put myself in danger of a heart attack or worse?  I hope you respond to this, very real, plea for some of your experience with so many people over so many years.  I also hope you can feel some of the disappointment and fear that creaps into one who has tried, perservered, and believed - and continues to have all hope dashed.  How about some feedback?  Please.

>DIV class=RTE>   Rick Wolfgang >DIV class=RTE>   Presently teaching in Athens, Greece - due to return to USA in June for retirement.

From: "Rickaren Wolfgang"

 Thank you for your excellent response.  Yes you can use my name.  It certainly occurs to me that I would be your biggest banner waver if this turns around and works for me.  Your ability to take the time and thought to respond gives me the faith that you are not just in it for the business.

   In answer to your questions:

1)  You asked if I still have angina.  Yes I do.  It comes and goes at odd times but seems to be about the same as it has for the past 6 months even with 10gr of C and 7 of Lysine.  Wish I could take your advice on additional Proline but it does not seem to be available in Athens, Greece.   We will be returning to Oregon in late June and will add it then.  I am taking 120 Q10.  Odd about that.  I had it with me and was taking it up until about 8 months ago, ran out and didn't replace it.  Two months later the angina began.  Coincidence?  I doubt it.  I have read the whole site and see that your thinking is that statins deplete Q10.  Wish I had known that earlier.

2)  You asked how I feel even though the numbers on cholesterol blood test rocketed upward.  I would say that I feel about the same physically but I feel a lot better psychologically that I am not taking stains at the 80 mg dossage I have been on for years. 

 3)  You say I may need even more than the 10g of C and you take 18g and further ask if I was at the bowel tolerance.  I am far from loose stools.  In fact the one side effect mega Vit C has been the opposite.  Both me and my wife (you might remember she is also taking the one jar month treatment for hypertension) have very hard stools - even constipation - something we did not have before this therapy.  I will add Vit C until loose stools occur.

 4)  You show concern that after a month I still have no relief from angina and suggest both proline additional and Vit E.  I will add 1000 vit. E and build up to 18 Vit. C to see if there is relief.  I'll keep you posted without pestering you.

5)  I didn't say in my first letter that one week after beginning the mega dose of Vit c that both me and my wife came down with our first two-week colds in several years.  It seemed so ironic that this would happen.  But I want to think that this was the body's reaction (and I believe in the body's own mechanism as close to God as there is) to the change from statin to this new therapy. 

So to close - I will stay the course.  I appreciate your time and thought.  I will take your advice.  If this does make the difference (either the additional amounts of C and E or the months it may take) believe me, I will sing the praises.  I'm in the camp now and will not change directions for at least 6 months.  Again, I will keep you posted and respond to any and all questions from you or other readers.

Rick Wolfgang - Athens, Greece

[Editors Note: This man is a marathon runner, meaning he would normally deplete his reserves of CoQ10 and would likely require supplemental coq10, even if he weren't on a high-dose statin cholesterol lowering drug. We believe, because the angina started while on the statin, and after discontinuing CoQ10, that this may be a case of cardiomyopathy caused by the statin drug. Apparently only a biopsy would be able to detect this. (See statin side effects). We have recommended Unique-E and will follow this case closely to see whether High Vitamin C/E can reverse cardiomyopathy. - Owen Fonorow ]

Great Improvement on Ascorsine-9

June 2003


A few days before I was re-examined by the Cardiologist, I began taking the Ascorsine 9. He found me in good shape and said to resume running, which I did last week. On Sunday while visiting San Diego I went to the zoo by the tram which involved a lot of walking and for the first time some steep inclines. I was with a walking partner who walked briskly, so all in all it was quite a work out. Not once did I have any difficulty.

I don't know if switching to powder over the pills is a factor or the modality in general is the cause for my great improvement - but I do feel to al least some degree the Ascorsine 9 is more effective as it goes into the blood stream more quickly and effectively.

The running was a bit difficult however gets easier each time, which I attribute solely to conditioning. I am scheduled for a stress test on July 14th, as this was not scheduled as I thought it would be for the visit on June 3rd. I am a VA patient and so things are somewhat different there, however it is connected to Stanford which has a good reputation and the doctors are open minded to support me in the alternative route. In fact a second doctor came in to discuss nutritients for the heart more as an exchange than anything else. I feel they are personally interested in what I am doing.


I was scheduled to begin Chelation (EDTA) and now wonder if the formula alone might just be sufficient. Do you have any experience on this? I'm feeling so good, that I was thinking of forgoing the process at least for this purpose (cardio) and at this time.

I also wonder if pulling back the dosage to two tablespoons twice per day is where I should be at this point, as I was going through a jar a week.

Thanks Owen, I appreciate knowing you.

Gordon Bell

Where did the cholesterol go?

June 2003

I'll be going in for major back surgery the 27th of this month.  I'll be laid up for about 3 or 4 weeks flat on my back, no getting up except to go to the bath room.  Sound's great doesn't it? He was piqued because I haven't seen him for over 2 years!  After starting Heart Technology....) So I had the test done.  I used the exercise bicycle instead of the tread mill,  because of my back and legs.  He couldn't understand why I didn't have  more cholesterol buildup in my arteries and told me that I had a narrowing in one place of my artery;  but under stress it didn't change at all, so every thing was all right and he OK'd the operation.

Gary R., MI

June 2003


Don't know if I mentioned but in a matter of two months, more or less, chloresterol dropped from 237 to 202 and I attribute that solely to the product.


Vitamin C and Precription Drug Withdrawl

June 2003

I have recently stopped taking Zoloft (under my doctor's supervision), and after 3 weeks am still experiencing withdrawal symptoms - zaps in my brain, crying jags, rages. I found a web page that mentioned taking 1000 mg of vitamin c as one of the few treatments for these withdrawal symptoms. They also recommended the same thing for Paxil withdrawal, a more common phenomenon than Zoloft withdrawal. I have been taking 1000 mg a day of vitamin c since then and have experienced a tremendous improvement in the symptoms. I am wondering if you have any more information on this, and if not, I wanted to bring it to your attention.


March 11, 2003

Dear Owen

I have some really great news to share with you from my appointment with my Heart specialist. He informed my husband and me that my heart is in better shape now than it was 3 1/2 years ago. He told me to keep doing whatever I was doing because it was working. Guess what I had been doing? Using the Tower Heart Technology (Pauling Therapy) product. It REALLY WORKS.

There was such a great improvement that the doctors who reviewed my file with my specialist were amazed. The damaged main artery that had closed during my 2nd heart attack had opened back up and the doctor said it was no longer damaged and is healthy.

Let me explain, I had my first heart attack 8 1/2 years ago. I was very lucky I was in the hospital when I started having a massive heart attack. The left main artery had a 90% blockage and decided to close, when they had stabilized me, they performed a Heart catheterization. It must have been serious enough because the next thing I knew I was in an ambulance being transfer to the best Heart hospital in the area. They performed the balloon process and then had to (rotor-rooter) the calcified blockage. Three weeks later scar tissue formed and the blockage came back and I started having terrible chest pains.

I was brought back in and they ran some more tests and the Doctor informed me that the Left artery was so bad that they could not do a bypass. He said we needed a miracle and to start praying, that it was in God's hands and I needed to get my affairs in order and that I that approximately one year or less to live. I got my miracle. My heart started doing a bypass around the blockage by creating collaterals (tiny veins)

Three and 1/2 years later on June 5, 1999, I had my 2nd heart attack, but because my heart was in the process of completing the bypass around the left main artery blockage, the Doctor told me that was what had saved my life. I had all these collaterals providing blood to my artery.

It was at this point in my life that I found the Tower Heart Technology product (based on Paulings recommendations.) It has made all the difference in the world. After taking the Tower Heart Technology for 3 weeks, I no longer had any chest pains and I also had more energy and I was feeling great.

Well don't make the mistake that I made. I was feeling so great and memory of the heart attack and chest pains had vanished. I could do everything I had been able to do before the heart attacks so I stopped using the Heart Technology product.. Big Big mistake.

On 1/24/03 I had my 3rd heart attack. I had been doing really great while I was on the Tower Heart formula and I truly believe that if I had continued to take the Heart Technology I never would have had this 3rd heart attack.

Since my last heart attack, I have been in and out of the hospital with chest pains not able to go back to work, tired all the time, taking lots of medicines and wearing Nitro patches 20 hours a day and taking oxygen when needed for the chest pains. The doctors found that I had 2 blockages and I was put on a waiting list for a Medical Stent .

THE DOCTORS SAID THAT WAS MY ONLY OPTION. From my research Medical Stents are not the answer. The Heart Technology products are.

Well I am now back on the Tower Heart Technology product it has only taken 3 weeks, the chest pains have stopped, I have energy, I have stopped using the nitro patches and oxygen and I have returned to work 20 hours a week. I am now on a low fat diet and exercising on our treadmill 1 to 2 miles a day and NO CHEST PAINS. This product really works!!!!! and I will never ever stop using it again.

Owen, you and Dr. Linus Pauling's recommendations/Tower Heart Technology product have saved my life.

Thank you

Carol Smith
3135 Laurel Road
Longview, WA 98632

Original Carol Smith Testimonyy

Excellent Therapy

August 03, 2002.

Excellent therapy, I have been using for over three months and my blood pressure was stabilized at around 125/84 and my cholesteral level also went down. Prior to that my blood pressure was 160/110 and consistently using Dr Pauling"s therapy has really helped me. I was using two types of medications for my blood pressure-procardia, 60mg and altace 10 mg. Now, I am using only one tablet, altace.

My doctor is pleased with my improvement and told me whatever I am using to continue doing so. Most likely he is planning on taking me off from the altace,10mg. I would recommend to everyone use Pauling's therapy.

I am a member of AARP and I am angry that they have refused to place an AD for Dr Linus Pauling,s therapy. They are all concerned about money and AARP seems to be greedy about money than people's health. I will write them a strong letter. God bless u my friends to share with the popu lation such a wonderful alternative that really, really works. Great STUFF.

Rajaendra Ramkissoon. NY

March 2002
Angina Continues with concurrent fiber

I am age 58. At age 42 I had a triple by-pass after my Left-Anterior Decending coronary artery was found to be 100% blocked. I credit EDTA Chelation with then saving my life. I have started the Pauling Therapy a couple of months ago, now 17 years after the surgery, and so far my angina continues during/after "moderate" exertion, and also when first lying in bed [ usually after a heavy meal ]. But I'm very committed to seeing this Pauling therapy process to at the least a fair [i.e. six tub ] trial. I understand and also believe what I've "studied" re: this "stuff" We'll simply have to wait and see.

P.s. I have been taking HeartTechnology along with a high fiber product, and my cholesterol has dropped 100 points. But I am worried that perhaps the fiber has leached onto some of the components in HT. In the future, I will take these products at different times of the day to avoid interference and see whether that improves efficacy for Angina.

Ralph Schrank, Wisconsin

Ralph Shrank Update Sep 2003

Owen. The Pauling powder as I like to refer to it continues to amaze me. As an 18 year veteran of bypass surgery I confound my doctor with my health. No chest pains whatsoever when using the powder regularly! I'll say a prayer for my doctor at his funeral. [He's younger by 8-10 years so I'm safe in saying this!] Go Packers, crush da Bears!!
Ralph Schrank

Bypassed By-pass Surgery

March 20, 2002

I was recommended for a triple bypass in Aug 2000. I did not have the surgery. I have been on the Pauling Therapy for one year. I have no angina at all and walk an hour a day.

Bob Francis Long Valley, NJ

"It has worked"

Feb 15, 2002

II'm a male 46 years old. I started the Pauling Therapy about 1 one year ago. My blood pressure was approximately 125/82. It had been climbing steadily for years. Now my blood pressure is approximately 110/65. I have not done anything different, but take the Pauling therapy. It has worked and I feel fantastic. I just wished more people could learn of this miraculous cure for cardiovascular disease.

Gordon Paulson gpaulson@runestone.net
Glenwood, MN USA
- Friday, February 15, 2002 at 22:50:51 (EST)

"Not one chest pain since since beginning the product"

May 9, 2002

I ordered a case of the heart technology formula from you a few months ago. We spoke on the phone. I ordered the product for my husband for his angina chest pain. And his pain was almost nightly after removal of a nitro patch. When he began the product, I asked him to make a note of chest pain and we'll see how long this product takes to kick in. I am so happy to report that he has not had one chest pain since he began using the product! I am using it, too and the sense of well-being I feel is unbelievable. You ought to sell this as an anti-depressant, not just a heart healthy drink. I also want to report that my husband had stents put in his legs (he was clogging up everywhere) a few months before we discovered your product. The heart technology powder had no adverse effects on the stents. Thank goodness.

I have two nieces in high stress situations that resulted in panic attacks and bouts of depression. They have each been using your product for a few weeks and both of them feel better, too. One niece even told me everyone in her office got sick with a cold but her! She attributed it to your product. Finally, they believe me!

Thank you-

Debbie Haney   dustbunnez@aol.com

Nov 20, 20011

Since three years ago, I have been a good Heart Technology customer. This product has made me feel better, with a spectacular fall in my cholesterol rates, reduction and improvement in my blood pressure, and in summary I have felt a general improvement of my health.

Eduardo Fernandez Perez
Madrid, Spain.

To whom it may concern

My name is Eli Raber, Blackville, SC. Let me tell what "Heart Technology" is doing for me. In December 1996 I had a heart cath and was told that the arteries in my heart are severely blocked. One side is completely blocked, the other side is from 70 to 90% blocked. I was told it is not advisable to operate, that there is too much blockages at too many places. I was told all they could do is medicate me until I pass on. (He used a kinder term)

I was living with angina pain every day, hardly able to go. In January 1997, I started using "Heart Technology" and after about a week and a half I noticed I did not have any more angina pain. (I have had a little angina pain one time back in April, 1997,I believe the reason for that was because I cut back on the dosage too soon.) I increased it back to the usual dosage of 2 jars a month and have had no more problem . I have cut back to some amount over 1 jar a month after 6 month and don't seem to have any problems. Praise the Lord! I feel like a different person, I forget that I ever had heart problems.

In December 1997 I took the "Nuclear Cardiac Stress Test" and had no sign of chest pain. It seems the Cardiologist lost interest in my case, (When the goose that laid the golden eggs died,) all he told me after I finally tracked him down was, everything is satisfactory come see me in a year. I have not been back to see him since.

I am convinced "Heart Technology" saves lives.

Yours Truly,

Eli Raber
February 2001
2126 Healing Springs Road
Blackville, SC 29817


July 11, 2001

Dear Mr. Fonorow,

I have recommended Heart Technology to my friends, one of whom (C. W. S.) has suffered from congestive heart failure for years. He has experienced nothing short of a miracle. After having a thorough examination, his heart specialist informed him that his heart was being healed and asked him what he was doing. My friend left the video and pamphlet including Dr. Pauling's formula with his doctor. When I saw my friend later he shared his experience with me and he appeared to be the robust, healthy person he was years earlier. His depression was no longer evident and his positive outlook was inspiring. Also, when his wife saw me she ran to me and with a big smile and hug said, "thanks for saving my husbandís life!" That's quite a reward for just recommending a product to a friend.

Thanks again


Robie Scott
PO Box 26099
Austin, TX  78755-0099

Mon Jul 23 11:43:50 CDT 2001
Dear Owen Fonorow

According to the Doctors the main artery is very bad and they can not do a bypass. Two years ago The main artery closed and I had a 2nd heart attack with damage this time. My heart was in the process of doing a bypass on the blockage when the heart attack happened. The Doctors said that was what saved my life but I would have to learn to live with angina for the rest of my life. After taking the Heart Technology for 3 weeks, I have more energy and no chest pains. LIFE IS GREAT. I want that feeling back. I hate chest pains.

Now I just need to get & keep enough Heart Technology on hand. I am on autoship. I started with 1 Heart Technology jar and then ordered a second one on autoship. I know that it is helping and I was taking 1 heaping Tablespoon every 12 hours. I am almost out and have cut down to a tablespoon a day until my next order comes. ( I hope it is soon.) I am dealing with angina again since I cut back on the Heart Technology and would like to go back to two glasses a day or maybe 3. I know I can tolerate 2 heaping Tablespoons a day haven't tried 3 yet. Thank you and advice or suggestions are appreciated.

Carol Smithlori@solidnet.com

I woke up this morning with tightness & angina pain in the chest (no fun) This product really does make a difference. Back to the Nitro patches & Nitro pills until I can get on the Heart Technology again. I AM OUT Please send out my next order as soon as possible. Sending 3 jars a month would be fine. Thank you for getting back to me so soon. Yes you can post it on the testimonials page.

[Fri Aug 3 07:10:03 CDT 2001]

I really like the new product. It mixes up easier and tastes great. I am so happy to quit taking all those pills. I am hoping that the angina pain and tightness will go away now that I am on the drink mix again. I was out of the drink mix for almost 10 days and the angina came back very bad. I had to go back to using the nitro patches daily and some days the nitro pills. I did buy and start taking the lysine, Vitamin C, & E twice a day exactly as you said but I still had to use the patches. The pills helped but did not totally do away with the chest pains, tightness.

By the way I called and got the results of the Lp (a) test I scored a 10 and that was only after being on the Tower Heart Technology for 2 weeks. My Cholesterol is 159 and bad LDL chol is 98. (Doctor is very happy with the results) but they still do not know how to make the angina go totally away. They said I am on as much medicine as they can safely prescribe. I will just have to slow down and live with it. They just don't know about Heart Technology drink mix and what good it can do. I am going to take 2 level teaspoon 3 times daily, unless you have any other suggestion.

Thank you for all your concerns and help.

Carol Smith
3135 Laurel Road
Longview, WA 98632

> PS for those not familiar with the Pauling/Rath Protocol see:
> http://www.paulingtherapy.com/
> Here you will find the Vitamin C and Lysine protocol mentioned below.
> So far 4 people, that I know, have tried it and have had very good results.

Make that five! My father was going down fast about a year after a bypass, when the bottom vessels of the heart started clogging up. With two Nitro patches plus oral nitro, he was barely able to shuffle in the the hospital for cardiac rehab evaluation. He figured there was no point even trying, after seeing what was there, and how bad he was.

On suggestion by Dr. Cathcart that he look at PaulingTherapy.com, He started taking Lysine, C and Co-enzyme Q 10. In two weeks, he WALKED in, almost a new man. Some two years later, he took the stress test again, and beat the hospital records. Several other doctors are now taking it themselves, but only one has recommended it to his patients. That doctor reported to my father that he had seen another patient barely able to shuffle in, and turned his condition around simply by suggesting that he might try Lysine, as there was nothing else to try.

-J- (John, Javilk@mall-net.com)

Mar 3, 2002,

Tower Heart Technology is working wonderfully for me.

Cardiovascular disease is the silent killer. They say there are no symptoms, but I want to make you aware of MY warning signals.

I wear turtlenecks a lot in the winter, and I found it odd that all of a sudden they made me feel claustrophobic . . . like they were choking me and I couldn't breathe right. I had a FEW dizzy spells but I earmarked them as hunger, which they probably were. The worst was the pounding in my ears. Never during the day, it was always when I'd gone to bed for the night. The pounding was SO loud that I got up out of bed on two different occasions to see who was knocking on my front door.

As luck would have it, I had an appointment with my chiropractor the day after one of those episodes. I told him about it and he listened to the arteries in my neck with his stethoscope. He heard what are called bruits and asked me if I wanted him to refer me directly to a CV or would I prefer to see my medical doctor? He deferred and said out of respect I should see my MD. I went to her, she listened and claimed to have not heard anything amiss. She laughed and said, "I think your chiropractor is full of shit, but to humor the two of you, I'll send you to a CV surgeon for further testing."

Three weeks later, after a carotid doppler, EEG, EKG, and that test where they go in through the groin with a little camera and die, I went under the knife, and spent nine weeks in hell recuperating. For the first week I couldn't even lift my head off the pillow and get myself up to use the facilities, without help. I couldn't shower alone because I couldn't reach my arms up higher than shoulder level to wash my own hair. At 47 years of age, I was dependent on my grown daughter to take care of me. REAL hard for me to deal with, because I'm the proverbial fart in a hot skillet! I'm independent and self-sufficient. I work hard. I'm 5'2", my weight varies from 93-98 lbs and has since high school. My metabolism is great! I eat healthy and I eat a lot, although I'll admit I love my potatoes with a little butter and gravy! This disease SHOULDN'T have happened to me. My CV surgeon says that it must be heredity. (Thank you, Mom)!

I've always been into vitamins and holistic healing, so after I'd healed and gotten on with life I did some internet research into CVD. Top internet sight that came up: Lynus Pauling's Heart Technology. I took a chance and ordered it.

Again, Heart Tech is working wonderfully for me. As I already told you, I previously had surgery which involved carotid and subclavian artery by-passes because of blockage. They informed me at that time that I would require additional surgery on the other side of my neck, as I also had over 70% blockage there. I started taking the Heart Tech, along with Mannatech's Ambrotose. Three months ago I went back in for carotid dopplers (ultrasound), also had to do the radioactive treadmill test. They found NO noticeable blockage that would require further surgery, which in essence means . . . the 70% that was already there was reduced to less than 30%, and my heart is in perfect working condition.

Heart Technology saved me from the agony of further surgery and recuperation. I have never taken more than one tsp a day and I even go days when I FORGET to take it. Just think how much better I'd be if I weren't blonde!

I also gave a FREE jar to a lady I met with the same problem. She took it for two weeks before she had to go back in for further testing to preclude impending surgery, and they called off that surgery because her condition hadn't gotten any worse from her test months before. She now buys the product from me, and I feel wonderful, knowing I helped someone else with my knowledge and Heart Technology.

This is good stuff, Owen, and I wish I were a better salesman. Please feel free to list my real name, and you can also include my e-mail address in case anyone has questions.

I don't use the word love loosely, but YOU, Owen, have a special place in my heart. You were out there with information and a product that helped save my life.

Warm regards,
Marisa Kennedy

F. M. Feb 2000


I started slow and built up to the three tablespoons a day. What a difference a week makes. I can actually feel it working. The third day I was starting to feel better. Today I ground a load of feed without many of the symptoms. I have a way to go, but this is the right track. My tolerance is ok, I was wondering if I could increase the dosage anymore? Presently, I am taking three tablespoons of Heart Technology." [9 g vitamin C, 4.5 g lysine] F.M. Feb 2000 [Iowa]

April 2001

with the results of my last blood test Lp(a) down to 15, I'm cutting back to 1 TBLSPN/day. Continue to feel great!


K. M. Jacksonville, FL

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From: Burt Hartmann  
Subject: Vitamin C and Lysine for heart disease 
Status: R 

I have been taking 5 grams of C and 3 grams of Lysine daily since March 1996. In February 1993 I suffered a mild heart attack. I feel much better now and have no more chest pains! The good effect was apparent to me in two weeks. I have more energy, depression is gone and I feel like living. Thank you Linus Pauling! I only wish I would have known the treatment sooner. I found it on the Internet shortly after I connected. Feeling good, Burt Hartmann
Best regards,

Burt Hartmann 			Phone 970-245-6200 
1266 Texas Avenue			Fax      970-245-6202 
Grand Junction CO 81501-7638 	 

"Well, I don't know that there is a need for a randomized prospective, double blind controlled trial when you get evidence of this sort, the value of large intakes of vitamin C and also of lysine for preventing the deposition of atherosclerotic plaques, and preventing death from cardiovascular disease." [Linus Pauling, 1993 Linus Pauling Video]

[More Anecdotes]

The Story Behind the Cure

Two and one half years ago, (1991) I was in a meeting of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States. I wa s in the hallway of the academy building and another member of the academy came up to me. He said, Dr. Pauling, " I have heart disease. My brother, my father both died of heart attacks. I am a biochemist but I was retired from the National Institutes of Health several years ago for disability because of my heart. I have had 3 by-pass operations, and I can't have any more by-pass operations. I like to walk, but I have trouble. After I have walked a little way I develop angina pectoris pain in my heart. If I take a nitroglycerin tablet, I can walk a little farther, and then I may have to take another nitroglycerin tablet." He went on to say," I have been taking vitamin C, 5 grams a day for several years because of your recommendation. Is there something else that I could do that would permit me to walk?"

I said, "I could make a suggestion, it has never been tried before. Take Lysine."

Well I didn't need to tell him what Lysine was, that it's an essential amino acid and you have to get around a gram a day to be in good health, and you get it in your foods, because he is one of the most distinguished biochemists in the United States, recipient of the National Medal of Science in the United States. So he said, how much shall I take? I thought, what do I know. I know that people get a gram or two in their food depending upon how much meat and fish they eat, that it's essential they have to get around one gram. It hasn't any known toxicity in animals or human beings. I said 5 grams, 5 grams a day. He thanked me.

A couple of months later he telephoned me and said its almost miraculous. I started taking a gram a day and 2 grams and so on. Within a month after I had reached 5 grams a day of Lysine in addition to my 5 grams of vitamin C, I could walk 2 miles without any nitroglycerin tablets or without any pain in the chest. He said he had cut down the amount of heart medicine he was taking in half. "It's almost miraculous," he said.

Another couple of months went by and he telephoned me and said that, "I was feeling so good the other day that I cut down a big tree in our yard, and was chopping it up for wood, and I was also painting the house, and I got chest pains", despite his 5 grams of lysine, so he said that he "went up to 6 grams of lysine and 6 grams of vitamin C and told me now "I am continuing chopping down, chopping up the tree and painting the house". And now a couple of years later he is still in fine health. [From the 1993 Linus Pauling Video on Heart Disease]

After 6 Years, What is Modern Medicine's Response to Linus Pauling's Amazing Discovery?


No studies. No research. No comment.
No interest.

NOTE: "We now know Linus Pauling was right, six years after this web page was first posted, and almost ten years after Pauling filmed the Heart video. Pauling and his associate Mathias Rath unraveled the puzzle of this terrible disease. More importantly, we have seen with our own eyes that Linus Pauling invented a fast-acting, seemingly infallible cure!

"The only question is how much longer it will take medicine to realize the significance of Pauling's discovery? The Media remains silent and those with the means (e.g. pharmaceutical companies and the U.S. Government NIH) refuse to study it."

- Owen Fonorow, 2002

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