Story from One of our Customers

[Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 08:08:47 -0400]

Dear Sir:

I think I've PO'd my heart specialist ...and now he wants to play hard ball! I've been following the 6 gram/day "C" and L-Lysine regimen for about three weeks now and when faced with the prospect of going through an angiogram (knowing that the angioplasty is the next logical step) I phoned to postpone my "procedure" for a few weeks. This guy calls me and used every ploy on the books including threat to intimidate me into submision.

I fully expect now that he will send me a cascading barrage of bills and what not for the procedures used thus far (stress test with this scan after being injected with this radiation containing product) Without having seen my chart to know exactly who I am, he just suddenly tells me that he has taken me off of my job and remanded me to the confines of home where I will not "be any threat to the public at large..." (driving etc.). I tell him that I will not follow that ridiculous charge and he hangs up saying that he has a meeting...

All I wanted was a few days to consider. Perhaps get a second opinion... but noooo. I pointed out to him that I had had two freinds with close family who died of complications directly following the balloon angioplasty (one of them just last week). about the time I begin to show resistance he clarifies that this is "not about money" to him (I immediately say to myself ...hmmm, self, this must be about money!).

"Well Ollie ...this is a fine fix you've gotten us into... (sorry Stanley)"

Considering that my GP is in with this guy ...and I do still need to get blood pressure medications etc., where do I go now that I'm personna-non-grata with these folks? Are there lists of Doctors who "play ball" in these domains who can pick me up where this has left me off? I am not unwilling to go through the angiogram ...I just want it to stop there and I know that these guys just use that as a "tool" to get you into their mill which I refuse to risk. I guess now I'm a time bomb just waiting for my bp meds to run out...

Almost Outa-Tyme

R. M. [Florida]

[Update: Sun Aug 29 09:45:42 CDT 1999]

...since I've been on the Pauling therapy I am walking 2 miles almost every night
...cut my front and back yard without taking long breaks (in the Florida heat and humidity).
Mind you I'm no spring chicken and I know my limitations (I don't climb tall buildings, don't run any marathons, fight or push cars), but I am starting to feel real good and am beginning to be able to do things that someone in good health at my age (55) ought to be able to do ...and I know there are guys my age skiing and running marathons ...who knows(?)

Thank you for the good medicine.

R. M. [Florida]

[updated: Fri Mar 3 07:25:05 CST 2000]

I must tell you that since I have been on the therapy for appx nine months, I have been a busy person. Just last week I dug (alone) a hole excavating back from a retaining wall that was slipping due to water run-off. I had a pile of dirt over waiste high to show for my afternoons work! I also dug a trench back to a point on stable ground where I poured a reenforced concrete piling to which I attached a chain to hold braces on the realigned retaining wall ...know what? The work was fun! I felt like my arms and legs could be used as tools again!!! :-)

Thanks Mr. Fonorow
R. M.

According to Author Ralph Moss, PhD, in his book THE CANCER INDUSTRY, published by Equinox Press, Brooklyn, NY, on page 44:
"It is interesting to note that surgery entered the modern world as a very disreputable procedure, little better in the eyes of medical orthodoxy than the herbalists or quacks with whom it competed for the same lower-class clientele. Surgeons could not write prescriptions, for example, without the countersignature of a physician, nor could they perform operations except in the presence of a licensed physician."

Oh, For the good ole days!

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