William Cook's Cholesterol Plunges on Tower Heart Technology Formula

Louisville, KY - After William Cook suffered two heart attacks and a triple heart by-pass operation, he elected natural cholesterol reduction. Doctors monitored Cook's cholesterol and in 8 months it had dropped from 246 to 164 and his LDL cholesterol had dropped from 163 to 101, all on 2 jars of Tower Heart Technology per month, plus 2,000 mg. additional vitamin C as ascorbic acid.

All statins - natural or artificial - lower cholesterol by blocking the same essential enzyme. In 1985 Harwood, et. al., made the important discovery that ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) is the human body's natural HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor, without the liver-destroying potential. When vitamin C levels are low, the body compensates and manufactures more cholesterol; when vitamin levels are high, vitamin C inhibits HMG-CoA reductase, predictably lowering cholesterol.

Cook, declined the artificial statin in mid-April of 2002 following emergency triple bypass surgery. Instead, he began Tower Heart Technology after watching a video of Nobelist Linus Pauling explaining the value of vitamin C for cardiovascular disease. William had his first heart attack on March 17, 2002 and a second 10 days later on March 27, 2002. In December of 2001 prior to his heart attacks, Bill's numbers had been Cholesterol 242 and LDL Cholesterol 163.

Cook and long-time friend Sally Jewell had both worried about their decision, but they became jubilant after the blood tests results came in, " To our wonderment and surprise, in 8 months his cholesterol had dropped from 246 to 164 and his LDL cholesterol had dropped from 163 to 101, all on 2 jars of Tower Heart Technology per month, plus 2,000 mg. additional vitamin C as ascorbic acid."

When the lab report was examined, William's doctor said, "I've never seen such a drop in cholesterol numbers. If cardiologists knew this, they would be recommending vitamin C and lysine therapy to all their patients."

There are several known problems with artificial statin drugs, such as the popular Lipitor® or Zocor® which have prompted an investigation by the National Institutes of Health. These drugs may harm the liver and increase several cardiovascular risk factors; they reduce circulating levels of ubiquinone, or coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and raise levels of Lp(a) cholesterol.

The declines in CoQ10 -- attributed to artificial statins -- have been linked to muscle pain, muscle myopathy and congestive heart failure. In 1990, researchers at Oxford University linked elevated Lp(a) to the 70 percent higher probability of heart attack or stroke. Warnings to these effects are carried by Canadian, but not yet U.S. statin drug advertisements.

It is known that Vitamin C is required for the body to synthesize CoQ10, and the vitamin has been shown to decrease circulating levels of Lp(a). Vitamin C, a primary antioxidant, also protects the liver.

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Harwoods paper is:

Inhibition of HMG-CoA reductase activity by ascorbic acid HJ Harwood Jr, YJ Greene and PW Stacpoole J. Biol. Chem., Vol. 261, Issue 16, 7127-7135, 06, 1986

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