June 2003 - Founder of International Council for Health Freedom

"I had an immediate, direct and palpable response to Ascorsine added to my program. This is good stuff! "

Owen--thanks for the Carol Smith report. Here's another--M. Culbert.

Last week,noting my ninth month from the heart valve/bypasses,I did a full blood panel. Everything good save for an elevation (slight) in triglycerides and,oddly enough, was only slightly high in total cholesterol because of an increase in "good" HDL cholesterol slightly over normal.This week, Dra. Aubanel, Mexican cardiologist best known for helping save Mother Theresa's life several years ago, did my latest EKG--so normal,she said, that "you're never going to do better than this" and,other than the going company restriction on salt, said I could do anything I wanted to do.All signs normal.

I'm sure Ascorsine has played a key role in my ongoing dramatic recovery, as well as weekly chelation sessions in addition to the heavy load of antioxidants I take every day anyway.

A researcher from Utah with whom I had been out of touch for some time, and who just heard of my Sept 30 calamity, opened the conversation by saying that "of course you'll have significant chest pains for the next 2 to 3 years" and thought I was fibbing when I said I had been out of chest pains in 3 weeks following the surgery and had not had them since.

You can use any,some or none of these statements.

Time for another Ascorsine shipment??

Many thanks for everything. MIKE CULBERT


Until finally being diagnosed with congestive heart failure, the outcome of a closing valve, I had never had any real sickness in my life, and I was right on the brink of entering my "senior" years I agreed that a mechanical problem needed a mechanical fix."

On the up side, medics both orthodox and alternative were amazed that my presenting symptoms were so mild no blackouts, fainting spells, angina pains that I had never grasped the seriousness of the problems. They were equally amazed that my recovery did not take the planned three to four months but was essentially in place in three weeks. My medications rapidly dropped from 12 to 2. I have to attribute much of this to my continual ingestion of oodles of antioxidants and intermittent chelation."

To these, and thanks to Owen Fonorow, I added the Linus Pauling-recommended Ascorsine powder - a tasty daily combo of vitamin C (3 grams per 2 teaspoons/serving), vitamins E, A, B-2, B6,l -lysine, (at 2.8 grams) l-proline, l-carnitine, stevia, coQ10 and taurine (at 1 gram) which brought my total vitamin C dose up to 10 to 11 grams daily, in addition to many other nutrients.

I had an immediate, direct and palpable response to Ascorsine added to my program. This is good stuff! And I am back to intermittent EDTA chelation to help keep things working. I'm not claiming total victory yet by a a long shot

--Mike Culbert, International Council For Health Freedom Newsletter, Vol VII, No.2 , Fall 2003, pg 7

(New Tower HeartTechnology/Ascorsine -9 Customer)

Founder of International Council for Health Freedom

February 2003

Owen--first, thanks for the Ascorsine . Second,another set of standard blood chem panels (SMA-24, CBC)showed me clear save for a--hee-hee--very slight elevation in HDL,the "good" cholesterol. Everything else normal. The unauthorized French (Augusti) test showed me with some parameters showing I was recovering from traumatic surgery. At recent talks with our patients in Mexico I have effusively praised Ascorsine .

I seem to be about 99 percent normal and all sides are continually amazed at the rapid recovery,the only difference being that the [Respected Calif Health Center] surgeons are glacially uninterested in hearing about Ascorsine , supplements or anything else not related to their (undoubted)surgical expertise. Since they are still calling me,at my age, "the poster-boy of cardiovascular surgery," I told them I will be delighted to give them a plug but if I talk to straight patients I would be remiss if I did not mention the parallel program, very much including Ascorsine . No takers yet,but we'll see. Regards,

January 2003


I hope this helps make your day,

as it did mine!

This morning I had my follow-up medical interview with my secondary surgeon, having had follow-up  EKGs, echocardiograms,treadmills and the like, it now being 3 l/2 months following my valve replacement/triple bypass adventure. So overwhelmingly positive and normal are the tests that he referred to me as "the cardiovascular surgery poster boy" at [a famed Southern California hospital], at least for the time being, "the kind of patient result we really like to see." He slapped me on the leg and announced,"You're a new man," and had a fellow cardiological surgeon come in just to look at me. He told the latter,  "This guy had  9 l/2 toes in the grave,and had a valve problem and really awful coronary disease. But look at him today!" He also told me "We really saved your butt", even though anal surgery had not been involved.

Both he and the primary surgeon had both told me that "we almost lost you" during the operation, during which I had also had a "mild" stroke.

In essence,he was proud that the surgical team had not only saved my life on the spot but had done such a good job I have had this visibly impressive recovery in which I am down to a single medication (Lotensin). I could not refrain  from adding,"But I think you yourself would have a cardiac event if  you knew just how many megadoses of vitamins I am also taking."

I had just started to get into the Vitamin C thing when he cut me off with,"yeah,yeah,you told me all that", a real brush-off so that the moment of victory would not be spoiled.I absolutely do believe that the two surgeons did an excellent job.But their not even looking at my extensive supplement program, done daily, speaks for itself. In the meantime, the staff nurse who "prepped" me was all ears about my total program, including all the mixed-religion prayers which had been sent to me, and wanted to know more, proving once again that nurses are the most open-minded of the "healthcare delivery team."

The visiting cardiologist congratulated me both on my recovery and also having had the luck to have been operated on by the other surgeon. I kind of looked away.

Anyway, it was a good day. Thank God for, yes, good surgeons, but also for good partners (mine was with me literally every inch of the surgical way and observing every miscue as it developed), good prayers  from good people, the Pacific Ocean (along whose beaches I walk daily,inhaling fresh ocean air), nurses, supplements in megadoses, (Tower)Ascorsine , Linus Pauling and O. Fonorow.


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