Hi: my name is Gary Rehs,

I'm currently 63 years old. In March 1989, at the age of 49, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and in April I had radical Prostate surgery (nerve sparing). I have had to go every six months for a cancer-screening checkup and am cancer free after 12 years. My PSA test started out at 0 and has continued to climb. It is presently at .9. The urologist claims that this is a gray area. I have had biopsies performed which have all come back negative, thank God! At that time I didn't known it, but this was the least of my problems.

I was having trouble with high cholesterol (400 ) and high triglycerides (600). Then, in January 1991 I had a major heart attack. We returned to work on Monday after the Christmas holiday. That Friday, I began having pains in my left shoulder blade. When I got home, at my normal time, and explained to my wife how I was feeling, she used the massager on my shoulder to ease some of the pain. Later we went to a local restaurant for dinner. The strange thing was that I asked my wife to drive home, something I had never done before. On the way home from the restaurant, I felt a tightness across my chest, again something which I never felt before. I threw my last cigarette out the window. My wife asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital. I told her no! The closer we got to home, the worse I felt and agreed that I should go to the hospital emergency room. I was admitted at once.

They did not let my wife into the emergency treating room for almost an hour. Finally, when she was allowed, the doctor told her he wanted to treat me with TPA.....Which, as he explained, was a super blood thinner to treat heart attack patients at the exact moment. She argued, due to my constant belching, and also probably denial, that I was having a sever attack of gas. The doctor then stated that he had given me enough morphine to knock a horse on its back, and even though the electrocardiogram wasn't showing anything too abnormal, the blood work and the amount of morphine indicated that I was in trouble. She agreed to the TPA and the forms were signed. Just as the TPA was taking effect, the electrocardiogram went nuts indicating an extreme heart attack. The TPA stopped it and very little damage was done to my heart.

After the TPA I felt like a million bucks and even was hungry again. That was short lived, however. The following Tuesday morning I began having another attack. I had been scheduled for an angiogram but at that point the doctors realized that I needed to be transferred to a hospital that could do angiplasty. That afternoon an ambulance took me to one of the best heart hospitals in the nation. Emergency angiplasty was performed that evening.

Although I was still having some chest discomfort, they sent me home the following Saturday. That very evening, my wife rushed me back into the hospital as the discomfort increased to the point where I needed to take several nitroglycerins. I was admitted to the hospital again and another angioplasty was performed that following Tuesday, exactly one week after the first angioplasty. The doctors watched me carefully and within two days that angioplasty failed as well. I was then informed that I would have to have triple or double bypass surgery. I told the surgeon that I would prefer to try exercise and diet to control my heart problem. The night before my scheduled release from the hospital I began having minor heart attacks. The doctors put me on time-released nitroglycerin and other medications to ease the chest pains. Since I had asked to try diet and exercise rather than surgery, the hospital had taken me off the schedule for surgery so I had to be slotted into a surgical bypass waiting list. While waiting, I kept having minor heart attacks. It got so bad at times that the emergency cardiac team, paddles and all stood at my bedside until the attack subsided. It was during this time that the war with a Iraq started and that sure didn't help matters as our son was stationed in Kuwait! We were having a war of our own. That night a doctor was at my bedside all night long, I didn't think I would make it through the night but, by the saving grace of God I prevailed!

The surgery (double bypass) was a success. I was released from the hospital within seven days of surgery. I wasn't allowed to lift anything heavier than a half gallon of milk. The doctors put me on all kinds of medication, beta-blockers, blood pressure pills, diuretics, cholesterol and triglyceriet lowering drugs. I was off work for four months. When the Doctor said I could exercise, I immediately purchased a treadmill and started an exercise program three times a week; I was put on a low fat diet.

In 1992 I discovered chealation therapy. I started taking the treatments two or three times a week. I had approximately 70 or so treatments and then started a maintenance treatment program. I would come in once a month for treatment. My blood pressure was still high and so was my cholesterol. I continued treatment up until December of 1995.

In December 1995 I had another heart attack, my cholesterol was still (300) and my triglycerides were (425) at that time. I had to have another angioplasty. The doctors could only find one bypass working. They were surprised to learn that one of the bypasses had atrophied and that the vein that was bypass had opened up. In fact, the doctor kept asking me if I was sure I had double bypass surgery. He said this was due to my continued exercise and low fat diet. I was again sent home with more Medicine.

In June of 2000 I had another heart attack, I was admitted to the hospital (ICU) unit. I was then told I needed three stents implanted two in the (R C A area) 1-4.0 x 18 M M and 1-3.5 x 23 M M. I was told that I would have to come back for the third stent in three or four months, as it was too dangerous to perform that many at one time. I returned to the hospital in September because of severe chest pains. Scar tissue had caused some blockage. The doctors then implanted the third stent and cleaned out the artery with a special cutting tool (rotor-rooter). The doctor said I might have to come back down the road because of possibility of scar tissue build up.

In August of 2000 I was diagnosed with gerds disease and put on Prevecid 30 mg a day.

In between June and September time frame while at my local health food store. I began explaining my situation (I was running out of options) he suggested a new product which he had justed recently stock. He told me that one of his customers; a heart patient bought a whole case. This customer told him, that he had to have angioplasty every six months or so. His customer told him that he hasn't been back to see his cardiologists in over a year now. He didn't have any chest pains and his health had greatly improved. I asked him what the product was. He told me the product was based on a formula of Dr. Linus Pauling. The product was called Tower Heart Formula. I purchased my first jar and three weeks later I purchased My second jar and so on.

It was the first part of December 2000 that I decided to look up Linus Pauling on the internet because I was having trouble getting Towers Heart Formula. The store couldn't keep it in stock. That's when I found Tower's web page. I decided to sign up for the auto ship program and a distributorship.

On December 18, 2000 I started with tightness in my chest and thought I might have a build-up of scar tissue starting. I was then scheduled for an angiogram. The angiogram proved negative, no scar tissue, no blockage, and everything looked good. I think it must have been a case of nerves or a slight case of indigestion, not sure; but it sure wasn't Heart trouble! Thank GOD!

Shortly after that, in January 2001, I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2. I was placed on Amaryl and Actos to help lower my sugar, which was 325 pts.

I waited a few months to make sure the Towers Heart Formula was working for me. I then decided to spread the good news. It's working.

As of this present time, September 1, 2001, I am free of chest pains. My cholesterol is 245. My triglyceriets 176. My LP(a) 10. My sugar ranges between 99 - 130. I take no medicine for Diabetes. I take no Heart medicine, no zorcor, tricor, toprol, micardis, microzide, amaryl and actos. My blood pressure is down from 170/95 to 142/82 . I'm still mending and improving every day with GOD'S and Towers help, I'm going to make it! I'm proud to be part of the Towers family and to Linus Pauling (if you're looking down) a big thank you.


Gary J. Rehs
12341 Masonic
Warren, MI   48093
(810) 268-3646
P.S. Also a special thank's to my wife, who stood by me during these trying times. Her picture hung by my hospital bed through both surgeries. She never gave up and supported me with her love and prayers. She is my pin up girl, my angel, my love!