William Cook's Cholesterol Plunges on Heart Technology

"Safer than a statin drug, at least as effective..." - Owen Fonorow

Vitamin C is a HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitor - Nature's Perfect Statin

"I've never seen such a drop in cholesterol numbers... If cardiologists knew this, they would be recommending Pauling's therapy to all their patients." - William Cook's Doctor

"To our wonderment and surprise, in 8 months his cholesterol had dropped from 246 to 164 and his LDL cholesterol had dropped from 163 to 101, all on 2 jars of Tower Heart Technology per month, plus 2,000 mg. additional vitamin C as ascorbic acid." - Sally Jewell, Luisville, KY

Press Release (July 2003)

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Owen, I faxed you Bill's cholesterol numbers yesterday. Here are the basic facts:

  1. Bill had his first heart attack on March 17, 2002 and a second heart attack 10 days later on March 27, 2002.

  2. Following emergency triple bypass surgery on the early morning of March 28 and his subsequent return home from the hospital, we started Bill on Tower Heart Technology in mid-April of 2002 at only one jar per month. In December of 2001, prior to his heart attacks and subsequent by-pass surgery, Bill's numbers had been Cholesterol 242 and LDL Cholesterol 163.

  3. When his cholesterol numbers were read on May 7, 2002, his numbers were Cholesterol 182, LDL Cholesterol 116, and we attributed the drop from his pre-heart attack readings to Heart Technology, which he had been on steadily since mid-April of 2002.

  4. After using Heart Technology for the next couple of months and a VERY STRICT low fat diet, his numbers were read again on July 12, 2002, and they were climbing. The readings were Cholesterol 208 and LDL Cholesterol 123. We then realized that his numbers on May 7, 2002 following his surgery may have been low because he had received many, many units of blood during the bypass surgery. At that point I discussed the Heart Technology formula Bill was taking with his doctor. His doctor said to me, "That's not proven. There are no statistics for that (vitamin C/lysine as in H.T.)." Facing medical advice to begin a statin cholesterol lowering drug, Bill decided to continue Heart Technology against his doctors advice.

  5. We were disappointed during Bill's November 26, 2002 appointment because according to the lab reports, his numbers had soared back up after being on 1 jar of Heart Technology per month for seven months. After reviewing the Linus Pauling video on Heart Disease - A Unified theory and reviewing the literature with Owen Fonorow, we decided to remain on Heart Technology, and even to bump up his intake. This again against the advice of Bill's doctor, who still insisted that Bill could not lower his numbers sufficiently except with a statin cholesterol lowering drug.

  6. On November 30, 2002 following that office visit and the poor lab results, Bill decided to double his dosage and began taking two jars of the Tower Heart Technology per month plus and additional 2,000 mg. of an another vitamin C powdered supplement from Bronson Labs. For the next 8 months Bill faithfully remained on this regimen (8,000 mg. of ascorbic acid and 5,200 mg. of L-lysine, proline and other Heart Technology ingredients), split into morning and evening doses.

  7. On July 7, 2003, Bill had another checkup and additional lab work. To our wonderment and surprise, his Cholesterol had dropped from 246 to 164 and his LDL Cholesterol had dropped from 163 to 101, all on 2 jars of Heart Technology per month plus 2,000 mg. additional ascorbic acid.

  8. Bill's doctor at the VA Hospital was so astonished that he called in several other staff from the clinic, including their nutritionist, and they questioned Bill, asking him to be specific about what he was doing to get his numbers so low. When the answers to "Lifestyle change?" "Diet change?" and "Exercising?" were all "No," Bill proceeded once again to cite the benefits he had observed on the larger dose of Tower Heart Technology.

Some of his doctor's comments at that visit were:

"What you have done to get your numbers like this?"

"This is remarkable. I haven't seen such a drop in the numbers."

"If cardiologists knew this, they would be recommending this to all their patients."

"I'm still skeptical but I want to check it out."

After a discussion about the benefits of his experience with Heart Technology, Bill gave his doctor a Tower product brochure and a printout of the "Reader's Digest Version" of the Pauling Therapy. We also recommended that he (the doctor) check out the WWW.PAULINGTHERAPY.COM web site.

After that, we observed Bill's doctor to be reading the brochure and other literature when walking up and down the hall to and from his office.

Submitted by Sally Jewell

P.O. Box 21755

Louisville, KY 40221-0755 

(502) 368-2720 



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