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July 11, 2001

[Me (Jeff) on Real-Video]

My name is Jeffrey Fenlason, I am 55 years old and I have Cardiovascular Disease. I was first diagnosed with Cardiovascular Disease in 1990 at the VA hospital in Richmond VA. In 1991 I had four arteries bi-passed. After the operation I was in worse condition than before it, I had angina daily and took oral nitro almost every day. The angina lessened after a year and I was able to go days without the nitro for almost 7 years. In 1998 after moving to North Carolina I started having chest pains on a regular basis so I again went on the pills and then on a daily time release Nitro. I had resigned myself to the fact that there was nothing that would improve my condition even though I was on several medications to help relieve my angina.
On June 20, 2001 I had three episodes of sever chest pains and went to the hospital. They kept me over night and ran the usual test to determine if I was having a heart attack. (I had been through this experience many times in the past.) The next day I went home with all new meds and an appointment for a stress test the following Tuesday. I was also placed on a Nitro patch .4 mg an hour that I could only wear for 12 hrs a day. Within an hour of removing the patch I would again need to take oral Nitro pills.
I didn't make it till Tuesday, I was back in the hospital early Monday morning, I was in constant pain even after several oral nitro pills. After the first test the doctor told me I was having a heart attack. I was admitted to the ICU and setup for a heart cath the next morning. After the cath the doctor told me that two of my four bi-passes were entirely blocked and that the disease had progressed to the point that it was inoperable. Also the third graft was partially blocked and he wanted to do the balloon angioplasy to try to open it.
I instantly sank into a deep depression. I stayed in the hospital until Thursday and then returned home with all new meds. Now I was on 50MG TOPROL XL, 60GR ISOSORBIDE ER, 50MG ALTACE and 40mg of LIPITOR. You can look these up on line, I did Friday morning and I wasn't impressed with what the doctor considered treating my condition. While sitting there at the computer, feeling really defeated, I ask half out load "GOD IS THERE ANOTHER ANSWER! THIS CAN'T BE HOW I AM SUPPOSED TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE."
That is when I did a search for CVD, the first sight I went to was I called the 1-800 number after reading everything on the site and left a message. Within a very short time I received a call from Owen. He explained to me the Linus Pauling Vitamin C/L-lysine therapy. I started taking the cure that day.
On Monday morning I was to be it Charlotte for the balloon angioplasy, but I overslept (for the first time in years I will add) and was awakened by a call from the hospital. I was already an hour late and they wanted to know if I was going to make it or reschedule. I told them I would reschedule. Then I went back to sleep (another thing I hadn't done in years). Again the phone woke me, this time I was told, if I could make it in less than an hour and a half they could still do the procedure. I thanked them for the offer, but told them I would rather reschedule. I was then told how important it was for me to get this operation done. I still haven't called to reschedule.
Within two days after this call I felt like a new man. My friends started saying things like "WOW you look great" or "Man I haven't seen you this active in months" I had previously stayed home a lot when my wife went visiting. The most common words out of my mouth were "I'm tired", well sense taking Pauling therapy I am not tired all the time. After only a week I stopped taking the Meds that the doctor had prescribed when I left the hospital. It has only been 12 days sense I started and I DO NOT HAVE ANY CHEST PAIN. That alone should be proof enough for anyone with CVD to start taking vitamins!
Another startling occurrence in the last week, I have had joint pain in both hips for years and I have tried many treatments for the pain. I would have trouble just walking around Wal-Mart. Well for the past 5 or 6 days I have had no pain in either hip and I am walking quite a bit. And no I am not taking any type of pain pills.

July 17, 2001 11:21 PM
This is Jeff Fenlason again, and this has been one fantastic day. I started working on our lawn tractor, it has been out of service for months with a broken front spindle, at 8:30 this morning. I got it fixed and started mowing about 10:00. It felt really good to be out in the yard working, as this is some thing I haven't been able to do for some time now, hence the broken tractor sitting for months. Well we have about two acres, one of which is pasture for the horse. We have an electric fence around the pasture, which has been turned off because I couldn't use the push mower to mow the grass from under the wire. In case you are unfamiliar with electric fencing you need to keep the grass mowed or it can start a fire in dry weather. Well anyway as I said this hadn't been done all season and the grass was above the lower wire. Also the cows in the adjoining pasture broke through the wire sense it wasn't turned on. After mowing with the tractor for about an hour I decided to use the push mower to finish cleaning out the grass. This was three sides of an acre lot, enough to tire a healthy 55-year-old man, but I mowed most of it myself. Most people wouldn't think twice about mowing their yard let alone post it on the Internet, but remember I couldn't walk to the barn and back less than three weeks ago. This is really unbelievable for less than a month. I felt so good that it occurred to me that one or more of my blocked arteries must have cleared considerably.
I thought I would try to shock my wife a little. I told her I had something to show her and asked her to sit on the back steps. She did and I walked across the pasture to where the lawn mowers were, several hundred feet. I then turned around and jogged back to where she was sitting. The look on her face was priceless to say the least. When I got to where she was she said "You jogging?" and then took my pulse, it was 60 beats a min. I was a little out of breath but no pain. Who wouldn't be out of breath jogging across a pasture in NC at noontime in July?
I have a feeling there going to be a lot of unemployed cardiologists.
About 4:00 we took a shower and drove to the lake to go fishing. I have been several times in the past two and a half weeks. I am really enjoying the walk into our fishing spot. We returned home around 9:00 and had a light meal, including catfish. We spent about an hour sitting outside and talking about how great it was to be able to do things together again. Then we did what any healthy married couple does, sorry, I felt this was important or I wouldn't have mentioned it. As I said what a day.
Remember I had a heart attack just three weeks ago.
Jeffrey Fenlason
Norwood, NC
704 474-0177
 Aug. 19, 2001
Hello again, this is Jeff Fenlason and I have been very busy sense the last time I posted a message to the page. It has now been just over 7 weeks sense I started on Tower Technology Heart Formula. I am in great health, for a man who had a heart attack less than two months ago. Sense my last posting I have painted our house, see pictures, it has gone unpainted for nearly 20 years. I did a lot of climbing, scraping and painting. Also we have had rather hot temptures here in North Carolina this summer. I would go out each morning and then again in the evening, it took me almost 2 weeks to finish the job. I didn't have any help; I scraped and painted every square inch myself. NEVER, NOT ONCE DID I HAVE ANY CHEST PAIN. My wife worried, as wives often do, that I was over doing it, but she now agrees with me that my arterial blockages have cleared at least some. We plan to go dancing next weekend. Prior to my heart surgery I was an avid dancer, not an occasional waltz, a rock-n-roll king of the dance floor. I had won two dance marathons two years in a row which both lasted over 24 hours. I love to dance and have missed going to dances. My wife has often remarked that she also missed the good times we had when we were dancing. Well I will keep you posted as to how it goes next weekend, wish me luck.
Jeff Fenlason