Radiation Nullifies Pauling Cure

Excerpt [Full Inter-arterial Radiation Paper]

The ignorance of modern cardiology is vast. Because the Pauling/Rath unified theory and approach has been suppressed, medical researchers are now headed down a bizarre path that subjects trusting heart patients to radiation pellets in their arteries! Clinical trials are now underway to determine whether RADIATION stops plaque regrowth (restenosis) after angioplasty or by-pass surgery!

If the doctors who use radiation to stop restenosis only understood the true nature of heart disease, (Why won't they read the Pauling/Rath unified theory?), they would immediately understand that restenosis is a natural healing process. Any therapy that unnaturally interferes with this healing process poses a great risk to the overall health of the patient. Furthermore, the great risk nuclear cardiologists subject these patients to is completely unnecessary. (This analysis does not consider other cancer causing risks radiation may have.)

End-stage cardiovascular patients are routinely CURED in 2 weeks on the Pauling Therapy. Of course, it would be impossible to cure someone who has been given a radiation dose to stop healing, and maybe that is the point? To make these people incurable in order to keep the income stream coming?

Hard to believe, but what other explanation is there?


Be advised, if your doctor prescribes a therapy such as radiation that interferes with your ability to heal, then the Pauling Therapy WILL NOT WORK for you, and may never work. Our advice: Avoid radiation for restenosis at all costs. A doctor who advises it should be considered ignornant, incompetent, or worse. A real Quack, I would report the doctor to criminal authorities.

If you have already been subjected to radiation therapy, and are interested in a class action lawsuit to halt this dangerous procedure, contact us.

Owen Fonorow

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