Who Would Keep the News of A Heart Disease Cure Away from The Public?

And Why Would they Do It?

It boggles the mind. It is so utterly inconceivable to most Americans that knowledge of a cure for a terrible disease exists, and that those responsible for our health care and reporting the news are keeping this information from the public.

There isn't much we can do about the "free" Press. If reporters decide to sell their integrity, e.g., take pay-offs (payola.) There is little that we in a free country can do. The freedom of the press is absolute.

We do have another information source -- what you are reading -- the Internet.

In the author's opinion, the institution of medicine does not have an appropriate watch dog and is now corrupt. This is a serious charge. Elements of the Federal Government that ought to be playing the watchdog role, are playing an opposite role. Their policies and actions are protecting the large pharmaceutical firms, not the public interest.

As we are now seeing very clearly, big money buys big influence in Government. This influence translates into positions in regulatory agencies. These agencies now work the opposite of what the congress intended.

This charge of evil and corruption, while aimed at various medical institutions, such as the American Medical Association, American College of Cardiology, and some members of the Government FDA, is not directed at every medical doctor, though most doctors know that the sicker people are, the more they benefit.

Doctors, drugs and medicine aren't the leading cause of death and injury in the United States by accident.

Under the current system, doctor's incomes are among the top one percent and according to recent reports rising. Their income feeds off suffering and illness. Over time, this has distorted the scientific basis on which Medicine likes to claim it is based. One can now argue that most therapies that are recommended by doctors, and get press, are those that create the most monetary returns for the profession as a whole. Treat symptoms, and avoid cures. Lower cholesterol in the blood for heart disease, and cause a rash of secondary problems in our body systems dependent on cholesterol. Give a pain reliever for arthritis, not what the body needs to repair and heal itself. Ignore evidence that stomach ulcers are caused by a bacteria because stomach anti acids are the biggest selling prescription drugs ever. Prescribe drugs over vitamins because they bring patients back to find treatments for the side effects.

And consider this, a May 1998 JAMA article received headlines because it showed that taking "cholesterol lowering drugs was beneficial", even for people with "normal" cholesterol. Another AMA writer admits that cholesterol level had little to do with health, and speculate that the drugs are beneficial for "some other reason." All the reasons listed, .e.g collagen formation, reduced inflamation, endothelial function, etc., are also known benefits of vitamin C! Don't our doctors know this?

Cholesterol lowering drugs are now being positioned as benefificial -- for reasons other than lowering cholesterol!?! (Of course the lay public doesn't realize this and thinks they are beneficial because they lower cholesterol.) The truth is that all the benefits can be had without side affects, simply by taking vitamin C.

The myth of medical science is perpetuated because we all want to believe it. But it is a myth.

The Big Lie is supported by the media, perhaps unknowingly. Somebody once said if you are going to tell a lie, make it a big one. The News Services are all too happy to send out reams of propaganda telling us how lucky we are to have a modern medical profession.

Our new medical students are Brainwashed during their medical training.

The recognition that medicine could not compete against the great discoveries in nutrition reportedly began early this century, but were especially pronounced in the 1940s. The same dark forces were at work. Economic survival. (We forget that NAZI Germany existed in the 1940s.)

The following articles explains how Quack name calling has been used to keep Medical Doctors "in line". It has been an effective tool, but one that we should no longer tolerate as a free people.

Of course all these cures raise serious issues that the human race must learn to deal with, e.g. world population, taking care of our aged, (.e.g social security) and the problm of scare resources.

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