Rumor has it that Bill Gates is planning to donate his entire fortune to help cure disease.

The Gates fortune is reportedly 100 billion dollars. One percent of this fortune is thus one billion dollars.

Contrast the Gates fortune with the fortune being made by the so-called heart industry. Heart industry revenues are estimated at between 50 billion and 100 billion $$$ dollars per year, and these estimates are from 1994 or earlier. This means that cardiologists, heart surgeons, hospitals, drug companies and the like make the entire Gates fortune every one to two years. We estimate heart industry revenues since 1993 (when Pauling filmed the video) at 3 to 6 entire Bill Gates fortunes.

Consider that for less than 10 % of the one precent (.1%) of the Bill Gates Microsoft fortune, we believe we could shut down this country's heart industry for lack of patients.

For the Record, this is how we would recommend spending a tiny fraction of the Bill Gates fortune to vanquish America's number 1 killer:

Projects to be funded with any grant monies received from the William H Gates Foundation:

  1. Offer FREE supplies of vitamin C and lysine to every heart patient. (400,000 * 12 * 30 = $144,000,000 per year.)

  2. Professionally edit the Pauling Therapy/Lysine booklet and send a FREE copy to every doctor in the USA. (450,000 * 4 (postage) +30,000 (mailing lst) = $1,830,000)

  3. Donate a FREE copy of the Linus Pauling video to every library in the USA. (Approx. 15,000 * 15 = $225,000)

  4. Fund the Clinical Studies that the NIH turned down. ($700,000 per study)

  5. RUN public service advertizements outlining the Pauling discovery. (Roughly $15 million.)

Thus, for roughly $150 million, heart disease could be wiped out in the USA -- saving us upwards of $50 billion per year in medical expenses. For $30 million, we could get the information to our doctors and heart patients who could then purchase the vitamin C and lysine for themselves.

If you have benefited from the Linus Pauling discovery, why not write to the William H. Gates Foundation, 4756 University Village, Suite 379, Seattle, WA 98105 with your story?

Owen R. Fonorow
Vitamin C Foundation