Share Your Story

Do you have a story about the Pauling Therapy or the Tower Heart Technology formula?

Send it to us with permission to publish and you can:

We will accept the following anecdotes and supporting documentation and pay per the following schedule. One payment per individual please!

Pauling Therapy, Vitamin C/Lysine/Proline or Heart Technology anecdote
Anecdote Documentation Payment from Intelisoft
Written anecdote with permission to publish $10
Written Anecdote, permission to publish, and copies of your relevant before and after medical records, e.g. blood assays, scans and doctors records. $50
You telling your story on VHS Video Tape (with permission to use as we see fit.) Make a tape of you telling your own story! $100
Your story on Video w/your supporting medical records and permission to use the video and records. $200

We reserve the right to reject any and all material that we believe has not be been offered in good faith (i.e. your story must be true!). The more supporting documentation, the less likely it is that we will reject your submission.

Please include your full name, picture, photocopy of your driver's license, address and phone number with all submissions.

Submissions should be sent do:

Intelisoft Multimedia, Inc.
Pauling Therapy Anecdotes
P. O. Box 3097
Lisle, IL 60532

You may fax questions to 1-630-416-1309

  1. If your submitted anecdote is rejected, we will not use the anecdote and you will be notified in writing why your story was rejected.
  2. We will send you an agreement to sign should we accept your anecdote.
  3. Prompt payment will be made after we received the signed agreement.
  4. We are only interested in your medical records that deal with your heart or cardiovascular disease (e.g. strokes). Please do not send us records dealing with other diseases or conditions.
  5. We will generally not publish your full name and refer to you by your initials. However, should investigators want to see our records (e.g. media reporters) we must have permission to reveal your identity.

    Please begin your video (in English!) with "My name is _______. Hello, I live in _______. I am ______ years old. In ______ I was diagnosed with _______ (heart disease.)". Etc. (We will edit your name from any tape we use for promotional purposes.)

  6. These terms are good TODAY but are subject to change on a daily basis. The postmark on your submission determines the terms.

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