Top Ten Reasons Why You Haven't Heard about the Pauling Discovery

As you traverse the internet looking for medical cures, you discover the truth. The medical profession would be economically ruined if every safe and effective cure became well known.

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1 Most Medical Doctors would be out looking for another line of work. (**There are known cures for most disease.)
2 Remaining doctors dispensing pharmaceuticals become the leading cause of death in the USA (** According to AMA (April 15, '98 JAMA) Heart Disease and Stroke (same disease process) rank as the number 1 and 3. The cure for Cancer (at number 2) may have been found in the 1920s, but in any case, would probably be significantly reduced if USA or world population increased vitamin C intake to 3 gm. Adverse reactions to drugs, according to AMA estimates (probably low), are now the forth or fifth leading cause of death in the United States.)
3 Pharmaceutical companies have 80 drugs for heart disease going through FDA (**Pharmaceutical companies are investing millions to get new heart drugs approved. These investments are jeopardized by the inexpensive Pauling discovery.)
4 Pharmaceutical company stock prices would drop. (**Most Americans have something invested in the stock market/mutual funds, etc. So most of us have an interest in pharmaceutical stocks, which are widely held. The AMA reports that super-safe nutritional treatments work better. (May 1998 JAMA) So drug companies are likely to suffer drops in both their product prices and their stock prices from a well publicized Pauling announcement.)
5 Possible World-wide Recession **A drastic change in medical expenditures might jolt U.S., and probably the world economy. Suddenly stopping the 50-100 billion currently being spent on heart disease, and perhaps hundreds of billions on other medical problems, would lead to an economic event. (The outcome is hard to predict, no matter that we would all be better off in the long run.) The potential economic upheaval, combined with the upcoming Y2K event, are way beyond the pale.
6 Media Income and Influence Decline Members of the media gain their power through their sources. Medical inside sources would dry up for any reporter that looked too hard at this cure. **We can not prove that members of the media have Swiss bank accounts full of bribe money from powerful pharmaceutical interests, but what do you think? In any event, pharmaceutical companies are BIG advertisers. The downfall of the U. S. pharmaceutical industry will drastically affect the pocketbooks of the mainstream media moguls.
7 Strain on Social Security **The world's life expectancy would increase by at least 5 years, based on the Enstrom study. Not only would such an increase cause USA and other countries social security systems to fail sooner (not a healthy development for politicians or world economies), but the world faces a population crisis because of many factors.
8 Loss of faith in Major Institutions **As we all know, the United States Federal government is suffering from a wide-spread loss of confidence due to recent events, however, if news of the Pauling discovery were widely released, faith in the medical profession, American Heart Association, FDA, NIH, etc., and various other authorities would be seriously eroded. Many so-called medical authorities would look pretty stupid having to explain how and why they ignored vitamin C all these years... Who would we trust?
9 Loss of Incomes to the Government and Health Insurance Industry **A drastic cut in the cost of health care threatens the health insurance industry. (Most of us would only carry catastrophic insurance.) We would save billions in the cost of MEDICARE, but politicians would lose a power base. Even smoking becomes a non issue. It has been known for some time that smokers are subject to more illness and they have lower tissue levels of vitamin C. There is evidence that higher vitamin C intake would prevent some smokers from suffering serious illness. Thus, the billion dollar "windfalls" that the state and federal Governments are getting from settlements with Tobacco companies might dry up.
10 Creates a Moral Obligation for our Physicians **If the Pauling vitamin C/lysine news were made public, doctors would be under a moral obligation to offer this completely non-toxic therapy to their terminal heart patients, even if the efficacy were not proven, thereby precipating all other events. Therefore, the Pauling discovery can not be news.

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