Testosterone Banned!?

Read the book MAXIMIZE YOUR VITALITY AND POTENCY FOR MEN OVER 40 (available from amazon.com) by Jonathan Wright, MD and Lane Lenard. I was impressed by the research that indicates one reason humans, especially males, experience heart disease as we age is because our hormone levels of natural testosterone decline. Thanks to AIDS activists, it is now perfectly legal in this country to obtain prescription drugs for personal use that are approved for use in foreign countries. I was shocked to learn that the natural hormone testosterone is an exception!

Dear Owen Fonorow

Thank you for your e-mail regarding Dr. Wright's books. I understand your question completely, the answer why we don't offer a natural testosterone cream is because the law treats it differently.

Normal prescription items (such as natural estrogen cream) are governed by the FDA, but controlled substances (such as testosterone) is also governed by the DEA. As such possession without a prescription could be a felony. Also because this is one of the few substances that is controlled in the USA and the UK, import and export certificates are also required!

Unfortunately the governments have not yet managed to realise that natural testosterone is a light-year apart from the alien ones and that small doses of it may be one of the most beneficial substances for aging individuals.

I'm sorry we can't help at present, but hope you find the above of interest.

Kind regards

Phil Micans PharmB IAS www.antiaging-systems.com

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Jun 99 AMA Study on Androstenedione (testosterone precursor). Data shows safe and effective. AMA wants it banned.

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