Media Onslaught Continues..

Unlike the modern sciences of Physics, Chemistry or Astronomy, the findings of so-called medical "science" can mean billions to the companies that sponsor the research. Furthermore, Medicine and Pharmaceutical companies "feed" off human illness. Medicine and medical doctors do good, but do know that there are entirely evil people behind the scenes who, somehow, plant false medical-news stories that keep people sick and protect medicine's enormous income stream.

There is ample evidence that a deliberate Media campaign is underway trying to descredit the use of antioxidants for both Heart and Cancer patients. These reports misrepresent the underlying science, and one quickly learns to value the Linus Pauling approach: Read the data, and form your own conclusions. To the extent the public believes these deliberate false representations, the effect of this campaign is little different than genocide.

Latest Attack

Did you know there is a vital substance in our blood stream that is used by virtually every cell in the body, contains the building blocks for various hormones, including the sex hormones, and low levels in the blood stream are one sign of cancer? In fact, this substance is so important that if we reduce our dietary intake, the liver receives a signal to make more!

This vitamin-like substance is cholesterol!

Anti-oxidants protect the liver from the damaging effects of cholesterol lowering drugs. (If you are on these drugs, you know your liver enzymes are monitored. Wonder why?) Yet, this beneficial effect is portrayed as a reason why heart patients should avoid anti-oxidants!! By people who know better. Criminal. Genocide. Madness. Assinine. Sick. Stupid. Evil.

The most recent study to make the news was a study of Zocor that was published in the Nov 29, 2001 New England Journal of Medicine. SIMVASTATIN AND NIACIN, ANTIOXIDANT VITAMINS, OR THE COMBINATION FOR THE PREVENTION OF CORONARY DISEASE, pg 1583, Vol 345, No. 22, Nov 29, 2001 NEJM by Brown, et. al. This study raises many questions. If the reports were so favorable to Zocor, why wait 5 years to publish? And what happened to the 294 people who were "screened" out of the study?

If you were a subject in this trial (The HDL-Atherosclerosis Treatment Stdy or HATS), we want to speak with you and we will pay you to speak with us.

Specific Concerns

  1. This small and relative minor study of people with NORMAL LDL ("bad") cholesterol was run FIVE years ago, and only now published.

  2. The study was funded by Merck and one immediately wonders why people with ordinary LDL cholesterol were given damaging cholesterol lowering drugs?

  3. The paper reports 294 people were screened out (leaving 160 in the NEJM report) for unexplained reasons. We want to know more about this.

  4. Of the remaining 160, there were only 2 deaths. One in the placebo group and one in the Zocor+Antiox group.

  5. Furthermore, all groups except the Antioxidant-Only group had worse ending laboratory (objective) values. Higher homocysteine. Higher glucose. Higher insulin. Etc. This was glossed over in the paper and news reports.

  6. The so-called "blocking" effect of antioxidants (keeping cholesterol levels up) would be expected in people with NORMAL cholesterol. You would not want to lower the levels of this important substance below normal and the results can be interpreted as the antioxidants protecting the liver. These drugs damage the liver, and thus interfere with the normal production of cholesterol and Co-Q10.

Even stranger is that these same authors published almost the same study results in an August 2001 American Heart Association Journal, (Arteriolsclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology), and this study was recently cited by PREVENTION MAGAZINE as reason why heart patients should avoid Anti-oxidants!? So the same five year old study is making separate "news" reports in 2002.


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More Examples of the Big Lie

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There is a wonderful irony. The rich, who rely on modern cardiology, suffer and die. The less well off, perhaps on social security, not able to afford expensive medical treatments, find the simple Pauling cure on the Internet in great numbers. These are the people, like Jeff Fenlason, who are recovering in short days.