Prevention Magazine Saga

Come what may, America's leading health Magazine Prevention can not claim that the the reason they refused to cover the lipoprotein(a) developments was ignorance.

With simple naivety, we thought Prevention would be anxious to inform their trusting readership about the important lp(a) developments. If not the existence of a cure for heart disease, surely the fact that a major scientist had become convinced the puzzle had been solved was news worth reporting in Prevention? So we wrote to them...

No response. We wrote to them again, and again.. But alas...

We became convinced that no response could be elicited from the magazine's editors, who to be fair are no doubt very busy, so we wrote to every person listed on the magazine masthead, i.e., anyone listed as having any connection with the magazine. Many of these letters were sent certified mail.

Then, after four months of silence, Prevention reluctantly asks us for a review a copy of the tape! (Their only complaint, in a subsequent fax, was that we had not provided them with ordering information. We pomptly sent them an invoice.)

For the record, the tape was returned on October 11, 1995 with the following letter.

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