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Linus Pauling

The World's Only 2-Time Unshared Nobel Prize Winner ....

Heart Disease: A Unified Theory
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"Well, I don't know that there is a need for a randomized prospective, double-blind controlled trial when you get evidence of this sort, the value of large intakes of vitamin C and also of lysine for preventing the deposition of atherosclerotic plaques, and preventing death from cardiovascular disease." - Linus Pauling

You Must Unlearn What You Have Learned

[1] That atherosclerotic plaques deposit in response to injury is accepted. The confusion in the media is cause and effect. The fallacy is that cholesterol causes heart disease, but plaque build-ups are the effect of heart disease. Our understanding of the arterial healing process comes, in part, from research that led to the 1985 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

[2]Ordinary cholesterol cannot and does not cause heart disease any more than calcium. Human beings are well protected from scurvy by the RDA of vitamin C (now 75-90 mg), but this meager amount virtually guarantees "hardening of the arteries," i.e. the development of occlusive cardiovascular disease as scabs (atherosclerotic plaques) form on the arterial walls weakened by the vitamin deficiency.

The Heart [3] This realization is not new: The Canadian doctor G. C. Willis, MD, made the crucial observation in the early 1950s. He observed that atherosclerotic plaques seemed to form mainly in the same places, near the heart where the blood vessels are stretched and bent. Willis suspected a vitamin C deficiency, and his experiments which proved the vitamin C connection, implicated mechanical stress caused by the heart beat.

[4] The Pauling and Rath theory relies on the Willis observations. (Note: In a heart bypass, veins from the leg are used which are without plaque.) Because plaque does not form uniformly throughout the blood stream, it is unlikely that the primary cause of the lesions leading to heart disease are "poisons" circulating in the blood.

[5] We now know that plaques form over stress fractures in the walls of blood vessels. Visualize stepping on a garden hose 70-80 times per minute, a fate similar to the coronary arteries feeding the heart. Over time, human arteries may wear down and develop small cracks. Mechanical stress then, not cholesterol, causes heart disease. But why are humans more susceptible to this stress than other beings with heart beats? Some factor must cause the lesions in the walls of human blood vessels but not in the coronary arteries of most other animals. Pauling and Rath blame the lack of a specific protein caused by a specific vitamin deficiency. A vitamin deficiency that is impossible in most animals!

Roger J. Williams, PhD, in his 1971 book Nutrition Against Disease explained vitamin C's role in collagen:

"Vitamin C is essential for the building of collagen, the most abundant protein built in our bodies and the major component of connective tissue. This connective tissue has structural and supportive functions which are indispensable to heart tissues, to blood vessels, --in fact, to all tissues. Collagen is not only the most abundant protein in our bodies, it also occurs in larger amounts than all other proteins put together. It cannot be built without vitamin C. No heart or blood vessel or other organ could possibly perform its functions without collagen. No heart or blood vessel can be maintained in healthy condition without vitamin C."

Heart Disease *is* Chronic Scurvy

Pauling and Rath postulate that the root cause of atherosclerotic plaque deposits is a vitamin C deficiency.

[6] Pauling called this condition "chronic scurvy." It is normal in humans, but it cannot happen in most other species. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is not a vitamin for most animals in the sense that it is not required in their diet. They make it in high amounts in their livers or kidneys. The sad fact is that we humans must obtain all our vitamin C from what we eat. (Unless we supplement, our diets contain less than 1/100th of what animals make, and we lose some in the gut during digestion.) According to the Pauling/Rath theory, suboptimal vitamin C results in less collagen. As collagen supplies dwindle, our blood vessels deteriorate. In an acute shortage, we die of scurvy. In a chronic shortage, humans develop atherosclerotic plaques. Pauling believed that most human beings suffer chronic scurvy.

"Vitamin C has been under investigation, reported in thousands of scientific papers, ever since it was discovered (circa) fifty years ago. Physicians had observed forty or fifty years ago that amounts a hundred to a thousand times larger (than the RDA) have value in controlling various diseases."
Linus Pauling HOW TO LIVE LONGER AND FEEL BETTER, pg 106 paperback.
[7] A vast amount of experimental research supports the Pauling/Rath view. Careful studies with animals that do not make their own endogenous vitamin C (such animals are rare) prove that when the dietary intake of the vitamin is low, collagen production is limited, and blood vessels tend to become thinner and weaker from wear and tear; plaque deposits then form to compensate for this weakness. [Pauling/Rath, 87] Large population studies show that higher C intake results in lower incidence of cardiovascular disease and lower death rates.[Enstrom, 92]

Plaque is a Healing Response

[8] Plaque forms over injured blood vessels. If one suffers plaque deposits, it is likely he/she owes his life to this material that narrows arteries. Without plaque, the weakened blood vessels would rupture or leak causing internal bleeding and death. A slower version of scurvy, the disease long-dreaded by ancient sailors. (James Lind discovered (year 1753) that eating fruit prevents this disease. Acute scurvy can be prevented by a mere 10 mg vitamin C per day. )

The correct terminology for cardiovascular (heart) disease then is "chronic" scurvy or "sub clinical" scurvy.

[9] The human body's healing response to chronic scurvy is what medicine calls coronary heart disease (CHD), AKA cardiovascular disease (CVD), "heart disease", "atherosclerosis", "arteriosclerosis", "hardening", "plaque", "narrowing", etc. This process by itself rarely kills people, but plaque lined arteries make heart attack more likely from a blood clot or blockage. (Plaque lined arteries cannot easily dilate in response to a clot.) Currently, it is unknown what amount of vitamin C prevents the atherosclerotic plaques of chronic scurvy, but Linus Pauling often recommended 3000 mg.

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Lp(a): The Surrogate Healing Factor

[10] The chronic scurvy healing process begins with an important "sticky" form of cholesterol. Pauling and Rath were among the first to attach utmost importance to the blood lipid: lipoprotein(a), or Lp(a) for short. From the research that led to the 1985 Nobel prize, medical researchers learned how plaque deposits as Lp(a) binds to lysine strands that appear in the arterial walls. Lysine and proline are building blocks of the collagen super-molecule, but the Cholesterol or Lysine strands the Lp(a) Binding Sites adhered to are not normally exposed. The binding sites can adhere only after blood vessels crack or suffer a small sore or lesion. Scientists have since discovered the Lp(a) Proline Binding Sites too. Note: Mainstream medical science has known since 1989 that Lp(a) binds to form plaque, not ordinary LDL. [2, 4]

[11] Many experts believe that something circulating in the blood must cause these cracks in our blood "pipes". For many years, ordinary LDL cholesterol has been blamed because elevated levels have sometimes been correlated with heart disease. Other scientists correlated elevated homocysteine and oxidized cholesterol. Again, the confusion is cause and effect. If cholesterol causes cracks or lesions, plaque should be more randomly distributed throughout the blood stream. According to the Pauling/Rath unified theory, both elevated homocysteine and oxidized cholesterol are symptoms of scurvy.

New Oxford meta-analysis of 27 large studies (09/04/2000) shows that people with high Lp(a) are 70% more likely to have a heart attack or stroke.
Plus: Only AMA publication to mention the Pauling protocol!

[12] Before teaming with Pauling, Dr. Rath's German research team examined plaque from human aortas (blood vessels near the heart) post-mortem. They discovered that atherosclerotic plaques are composed primarily of Lp(a), not ordinary LDL cholesterol. [2, 4] Dr. Rath, realized that Lp(a) was connected somehow with vitamin C and joined the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine. Together, Pauling and Rath developed their unified theory which holds that increased Lp(a) acts as a surrogate for low vitamin C and hardens weak blood vessels. Their experiments, to test their theory, proved that low vitamin C intake will increase blood levels of Lp(a) in test animals compared to controls.

[13] An important finding is that this sticky Lp(a) (a form of cholesterol similar to LDL) has only been found in the very few animal species that do not make their own vitamin C, including humans. Today, most animals:

  • Make vitamin C in their livers or kidneys, in large "mega" amounts (9,000 mg to 12,000 mg adjusted for body weight - which is high by current medical standards),
  • do not have Lp(a) in their blood, and
  • rarely suffer cardiovascular disease.

Humans are almost unique among life on Earth in that we must receive our vitamin C entirely from the diet.

Group Endogenous Vitamin C Lp(a) in Blood CVD
Humans No Yes Yes
High order Primates No Yes Yes
Guinea Pigs No Yes Yes
Other 99.9+% of Species Yes No No

Genetically engineered mice: Proof of the Pauling/Rath theory?

MEDICAL PARADIGM SHIFTING Vitamins-as-Prevention to Vitamins-as-Therapy

[14] Linus Pauling the Chemist led the medical paradigm shift from vitamins-as-prevention to vitamins-as-therapy. Pauling became fascinated by vitamin C and other life-giving substances that, like drugs, have powerful physiological effects in minuscule amounts, but unlike most drugs, are completely non-toxic at very high dosages.

[15] In 1991, armed with the knowledge of the how and why Lp(a) binds to our arteries creating plaque, Pauling invented the way to unbind, or "turn off", the sticky Lp(a) molecule: The cure for heart disease. The Pauling invention nullifies the binding effect of Lp(a) to the damaged arterial wall. The agents can be taken by mouth and act chemically as solvents that both prevent and attack existing plaque formations. Importantly, the formula attacks the root cause by stimulating the production of collagen. With collagen, blood vessels stay healthy or heal normally, so there are no cholesterol binding sites to attract Lp(a).

[16] According to one Pauling/Rath 1994 United States patent, the amino acid lysine (lysine analogs), along with vitamin C and other antioxidants (e.g. Co-Q10, vitamin E and vitamin A), can, in sufficient concentration, inhibit Lp(a) binding to exposed lysine residues. Proline residues are also exposed by lesions in blood vessels; later experiments showed that proline is a powerful binding inhibitor. Proline and lysine, with vitamin C, other amino acids and antioxidants, in oral amounts well past the amounts needed for prevention, become solvents by inhibiting the binding of Lp(a). An Lp(a) binding inhibitor, augmented with vitamin C, can stop and apparently even reverses plaque formations. (Pauling and Rath's second U. S. patent is for using binding inhibitors as solvents to melt atherosclerotic plaques during organ transplants or heart surgery. The organ or blood vessel is dipped in the Lp(a) Binding Inhibitor solution and any surface plaque melts away. Also, arginine and proline have been shown to inhibit the binding of apo(a) to the LDL cholesterol molecule, thus interfering with the formation of Lp(a).)

[17] High intakes of these substances, esp. vitamin C and lysine, are the Pauling Therapy. The Pauling Therapy treats the root-cause and our we have become convinced long ago that one of the world's leading intellects was correct: At sufficient dosage, these substances have powerful effects, and will rapidly reverse advanced heart disease. [Testimonials]

[18] The Pauling mega-vitamin/amino acid therapy increases blood concentrations of important substances to:

The components of the Pauling Therapy are remarkably safe. Unlike ordinary drugs, there are few known health risks. There are no known adverse side effects, other than the laxative effect of vitamin C. (We now believe that it is prudent to balance high-dosage lysine with a good B-complex vitamin, and later during maintenance, high-dose arginine.)

[19] Unlike the $2300/month cancer cure, the Pauling heart therapy costs less than $100 per month. (Call us at 800-894-9025 for information on the cure for cancer.)

[20] The Pauling "mega" dose ranges are based upon the degree of illness in a patient. In general, Lp(a) binding inhibitors are food substances that are non-toxic, and studies have shown they improve health as intake increases; lesser amounts will have lesser effects. According to his daughter Linda, Linus Pauling's lysine dosage recommendations were carefully considered, and were based on his knowledge of lysine blood serum levels, after intake. It is not practical to obtain these amounts in food alone; supplements are required.

The Pauling's Heart Formula Available without Pills!

[21] Vitamin C, and the amino acids lysine and proline, are the fundamental building blocks of collagen and the Pauling Therapy provides these building blocks in ample amounts. Over time, collagen must be replenished for blood vessels to remain healthy and plaque free.

[22] The fact that humans use up vitamin C while producing collagen has been established. [See HOW TO LIVE LONGER AND FEEL BETTER, Linus Pauling, 1986] One reason Linus Pauling himself consumed 18,000 mg of vitamin C daily is that the human ability to produce collagen is severely limited at the US Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of 60 mg (now 75-90 mg)

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First Posted:
September 26, 1995
Search for excellent health information. Key Resource Award
Heart Award Award


Heart disease is not the leading cause of death and disability in the United States because science has failed. The probable cause, a chronic deficiency of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) was identified as early as 1953. This finding spurred research that has culminated in a comprehensive unified theory. Modern cardiology, and its authorities and textbook writers, ignore these findings in favor of flawed theories that send millions to cardiovascular wards and early graves.

Cardiologists routinely tell their patients that there "is no proven value in vitamin C", and that they generally recommend against taking the vitamin in amounts above the RDA. Cardiology routinely gives such advice, even though this proposition has rarely, if ever, been scientifically tested. Recently, proof of the efficacy of vitamin C in advanced heart disease has been demonstrated in two independent clinical trials.

Cardiologists lack the basic training in the cause of cardiovascular disease leading to heart attack and stroke. They have resorted to treating record numbers of patients with statin cholesterol-lowering drugs, anti-coagulants, blood pressure medications, and even radiation.

Statins, now the leading drugs in terms of sales revenue, are known to deplete the ability to make Co-enzyme Q10 and are thought to cause cardiomyopathy (heart failure) [*], cataracts [*], cancer [*], as well as muscular and neurological problems. Patients are not told of the vital importance of cholesterol to life itself[*], or that there is little scientific validation or correlation between lowering cholesterol and preventing or reversing heart disease[*].

Common anti-coagulant drugs derived from rat poison increase the death risk [*]. The anti-coagulants that work by blocking vitamin K uptake by the liver, have been shown to induce rapid calcification of the soft tissues in experimental animals[*]. It is now known that vitamin K regulates calcium from soft tissue into bones and high doses of the vitamin is an approved treatment for osteoporosis in Japan. Evidence shows that the anticolagulant drugs that work by blocking vitamin K have a similar arterial hardening effect in humans, and the wide use of Coumadin/Warfarin explains the high incidence of stenosis and calcification of soft tissue and heart valves in heart patients[*].

Various vitamins, especially pyridoxine (vitamin B6) [*] and the mineral magnesium[*] compete with "calcium channel blockers" and other blood pressure drugs; they work as well with much less risk. Recently, the high incidence of plaque regrowth after by-pass surgery and angioplasty led to the development and FDA approval for intra-arterial radiation treatments (as pellets) to deaden the artery to stop this regrowth [*]. This treatment dooms patients because it often prevents the healing on which the vitamin C based "cures" work.

What if Everything you Know is Wrong?

No person who regularly consumes more than 10,000 mg of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) daily is known who suffers cardiovascular disease.

"Heart disease is a process that has long been understood by a few, but not by modern cardiology. This is highly strange because in 1952 a brilliant Canadian figured it out - and proved his thesis. This medical doctor published his findings, after he conducted controlled clinical studies with animals and humans, in a series of a ground-breaking peer-reviewed medical journal papers.[1]

In 1989, Linus Pauling, after reviewing the evidence, told us that the real cholesterol "problem" is the Lp(a) particle that sticks and forms plaque. (Note: Statin cholesterol lowering drugs have little or no effect on Lp(a). It is now apparent that ordinary cholesterol has been given a bum rap. )

Finally, more than a decade of experience has verified that the Linus Pauling invention of very high doses of lysine and certain amino acids, taken with vitamin C, quickly reverses cardiovascular disease. Even cures it. We credit Dr. Willis with the basic discovery, we applaud Matthias Rath for the Lp(a) connection, and we especially thank Linus Pauling for bringing the science, and the putative cure, his invention, to the world's attention.

Recently, we became aware that a 100% CURE for cancer exists. But this 100 year-old understanding and cure, first discovered by a Scottsman, ignored by medicine, is another story..." - Owen Fonorow



The Wonder of Linus Pauling

Why did Pauling see so clearly that which blinds most others?

He read each paper, formed his own conclusions from the data, and then tested his conclusions against the author's.

Humanity is fortunate tat Linus Pauling lived and taped the video on Lp(a) and heart disease...

This is a story of a remedy that, so far, has been ignored by the medical profession. The Pauling Therapy is so safe, and the medical condition so grave, there is no plausible reason for any physician resisting it, especially in otherwise hopeless cases. In truth, health professionals learning about the Pauling Therapy have a duty to offer it to their patients.

Many heart patients tell us that they have benefited from large daily doses of vitamin C and lysine (plus proline and anti-oxidants). Well over one million have visited this web site alone. (Jan 2002) Some of these cases are documented; however, to our knowledge, science has yet to test Pauling's theory and remedy in a clinical trial. Linus Pauling may have been wrong. But Pauling was usually right and he did use the words "cure" [interview] and "miraculous" [video] .

Linus Pauling made this claim without fanfare. He waited until after careful experiments at The Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine completed before he staked his reputation on this theory and therapy. These experiments, as published by the National Academy of Sciences, verified the Lp(a)/vitamin C connection. (Pauling said at the time, during these experiments, that if the study results verified that Lp(a) is correlated to vitamin C, it would mean that heart disease could be "eradicated." The results did justify this conclusion in Pauling's opinion.)

Is the Pauling Therapy really a cure? An elegant miracle of effectiveness and safety?

Why don't we yet know?

We are not doctors of medicine, however, we believe that the net result of ignoring the Pauling Therapy is morally equivalent to genocide. We usually encourage those who are hungry for information to watch the Linus Pauling video on heart disease. We also maintain a list of enlightened doctors with whom people may consult.

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The Pauling hypothesis is testable; individuals with disease can and do test Pauling's theory and protocol regularly in their individual cases, and these are the most important tests.

It is generally accepted that many develop some atherosclerotic plaque as they age, as this condition is common. In other words, subclinical scurvy is common. Experts claim that a significant fraction of the population does not consume even the meager RDA of vitamin C.

It is these people, not taking supplemental vitamin C, who uniformly experience rapid recovery on the Pauling therapy.

On the other hand, there are many who take large amounts (>10 g) of vitamin C, and have for decades. If these people, as a group, have blockages, then this finding would disprove the Pauling theory. Should these high vitamin C takers have no evidence of heart disease, this finding, too, would support the Pauling/Rath theory.

[ Life Extension scientists demonstrate that high-vitamin C supplement takers have NO signs of cardiovascular disease ]

Over time, the increasing number, and consistency of the reports we receive that cite rapid improvement, convince us that Linus Pauling was correct. Heart disease is chronic scurvy. We base this on our understanding of the Pauling/Rath unified theory, the Pauling/Rath experiments, the Willis work, and the current Lp(a) medical literature, combined with the constant stream of anecdotal reports. Vitamin C and lysine, along with proline and antioxidants not only work well, they work miracles.

However there are many questions needing scientific answers. What amounts of specific substances, for what duration, to actually reverse heart disease? In our experience, the Heart Technology nutritional "cocktail" from Tower Orthomolecular Laboratories, with proline, vitamin E, vitamin A, Coenzyme-Q10 and carnitine, has been successful.

The Heart

Report after report provide more evidence that the Pauling Therapy , at high doses, works in many people within days (depending on the daily dosage).

A few have reported that the therapy didn't change their condition, or else required much longer, sometimes over 10 months. But so far most people (>90%) report relief in weeks rather than months. Lp(a) levels in the blood provide objective evidence; people share their lab reports with us. These reports document drops in serum Lp(a) up to 88%. With longer term use the values continue to decline and usually drop to less than 14. So far, the higher the starting value, the larger the point drop. It is not surprising that most doctors won't take our word for it and require solid scientific evidence. The question is: Why haven't there been serious clinical studies years ago?

AMA Letter about Lp(a) reductions on the Pauling Therapy.

Since these web pages were first posted in 1995, we have noticed that heart patients on therapeutic dosages generally adopt smaller maintenance doses over time. However, those that substantially reduce or quit the therapy altogether report problems. Apparently, the Lp(a) Binding Inhibitors are required for life at maintenance levels to forestall a relapse.

The good news is that some doctors are willing to monitor heart patients taking vitamin C and lysine. You must be proactive. If the experience of the many "terminal" heart disease patients who have contacted this web site since 1995 is any indication, melting atherosclerotic plaque is safe when vitamin C is also increased. (Heart by-pass surgery has a high failure rate. Regrowth of plaque is common. Patients risk strokes and other side effects; pieces of plaque may break free during the surgical procedure causing a blockage. According to a recent Discovery-Health channel report, roughly 40% of patients who are put on a heart-lung machine suffer brain damage. On the other hand, to our limited knowledge, there has yet to be single death of a "terminal" patient who adopted and continued the Pauling Therapy.)

The Pauling invention, when widely known, will revolutionize medicine.

Judge for yourself. Now you can watch Linus Pauling himself describe this discovery on video.

Thanks to medical science and the Lp(a) experiments and findings of Linus Pauling, PhD, and Matthias Rath, MD, it is now possible for heart patients to regain their heath, free of pain and other symptoms of their former cardiovascular illness. An extraordinary claim, a claim unknown to most medical doctors, but one those suffering severe disease can verify for themselves in a few weeks.

...and you don't even need a prescription from your doctor.

Overview: The Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease (1994)

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The Pauling Therapy consists of orthomolecular substances that inhibit the binding of lipoprotein(a). Pauling's daily treatment recommendation for the lipoprotein(a) problem:






New Agent


Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid (6-18g) Lysine (3-6g) Proline (.5-2g)

Click to Determine Your Pauling Therapy Needs

The primary ingredients (vitamin C and lysine) are required in the daily diet for life itself; neither has any known toxic dose. These amounts Pauling recommended are necessary to increase blood serum levels to therapeutic levels. Recent research has shown the value of proline as an Lp(a) binding inhibitor, although a healthy body makes its own proline.

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"Well, I don't know that there is a need for a randomized prospective, double blind controlled trial when you get evidence of this sort, the value of large intakes of vitamin C and also of lysine for preventing the deposition of atherosclerotic plaques, and preventing death from cardiovascular disease."
Linus Pauling, 1993 from the Linus Pauling Video

"If you are at risk of heart disease, or if there is a history of heart disease in your family, if your father or other members of the family died of a heart attack or stroke, or if you have a mild heart attack yourself, then you had better be taking vitamin C and Lysine." [Linus Pauling, Published 1994 interview in British Journal of Optimum Nutrition]


During the last few years of his life, Pauling lectured on this monumental development. In 1994 after experiments at the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine, Pauling announced that in his opinion:

"Now I've gotten to the point where I think we can get almost complete control of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes. The proper use of vitamin C and lysine can prevent cardiovascular disease and even cure it." [ Pauling, 1994]

Now, many years later, it is well established that Lp(a) cholesterol binds to the Lysine Binding Site (LBS). Linus Pauling explained:
"Knowing that lysyl residues are what causes lipoprotein(a) to get stuck to the wall of the artery and form atherosclerotic plaques, any physical chemist would say at once that the thing to do is prevent that by putting the amino acid lysine in the blood to a greater extent than it is normally. You need lysine to be alive, it is essential: You have to get about 1 gram a day to keep in protein balance, but you can take lysine, pure lysine, a perfectly non toxic substance in food , as pills, which puts extra lysine molecules in the blood. They enter into competition with the lysyl residues on the wall of arteries and accordingly count to prevent Lp(a) from being deposited, or even will work to pull it loose and destroy atherosclerotic plaques." [Linus Pauling, JON, Aug 1994]

Ignorance is no excuse.

According to the American Heart Association:

THESE STATISTICS PROVE, IF NOTHING ELSE, THAT SO-CALLED MODERN MEDICINE AND ITS PHARMACEUTICAL BENEFACTORS DO NOT KNOW HOW TO EFFECTIVELY COMBAT HEART DISEASE. Linus Pauling claimed that he did. So why are doctors unwilling to at least listen to Pauling, or to run their own studies to prove him wrong?


What is probably the most dangerous thing a human being can do?


Limit one's daily consumption of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to the United States Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of 60 mg (now 75-90mg).

On this page you will learn about this amazing story and more:

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We Know This is Hard To Believe

 Everyone is in denial, 
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       the toll in human life is
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Names and telephone numbers of outstanding physicians and other health professionals from across the USA who are familiar with the Pauling/Rath lipoprotein(a) discovery and other alternative heart disease therapy are available.

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Letter to the FDA Commissioner of Food and Drug

See the text of a letter outlining the Lp(a) developments to Dr. David A. Kessler, former Head of the United States Food and Drug Administration.
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Recent News

HAVE YOU RECENTLY UNDERGONE A HEART BY-PASS OR ANGIOPLASTY? Did they explain that you had other options, such as the Pauling Therapy? If not, you may have a malpractice claim. Letter to Attorney General Reno.

JAMA Article: WHY PATIENTS USE ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE? Surprise! Because it works... (May 20, 1998)

People that find this web page ought to start asking questions.


"The most startling fact about 2002 is that the combined profits for the ten drug companies in the Fortune 500 ($35.9 billion) were more than the profits for all the other 490 businesses put together ($33.7 billion).[12] When I say this is a profitable industry, I mean really profitable. It is difficult to conceive of how awash in money big pharma is." -Marcia Angell, a former editor of the New England Journal Of Medicine

"If the claims for vitamin C are correct, it might replace many lucrative and expensive medications. As they researched their book ASCORBATE, Hickey and Roberts began to wonder if Pauling's offense had been to discuss openly the properties of a substance that threatens the profitability of medicine. "




About This Page

This page was written and is maintained by Owen R. Fonorow and M. S. Till, Sr., (c) copyright 1995.

These pages bear the fruit of medical science. We share our understanding of a new non-prescription treatment for heart disease. This discovery is based on at least 2 Nobel Prizes in Medicine and on the efforts of countless medical researchers.

The theory and conclusions are the final contribution of a true scientific giant.

That you have not heard about this discovery in the mainstream media is deeply disturbing. It speaks volumes that powerful interests can somehow suppress vital information detrimental to their financial interests. There is hope. The efficacy of Pauling's therapy has become obvious and this knowledge is spreading rapidly. If you suffer heart disease, you should be grateful for the Internet. If the Pauling Therapy can work for you, you should know within days.

To our knowledge, all statements are factual and accurate. Please report any errors to We offer a $100 reward to first person that finds a material factual error on this page. Note, minor spelling and grammatical errors are not considered material errors for purposes of this reward. The authors are the sole judge as to whether any reported errors are "material" to the subject matter.

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The Linus Pauling Estate and Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine are in no way connected with this page, nor do they benefit from the sale of any nutritional product mentioned on these pages.

The Linus Pauling quotes not found on the video were taken from the last Pauling interview published in the British journal Optimum Nutrition, Vol 7 No. 3, Winter 1994, Patrick Holford, Editor. Copies of this interview are available upon request. The Institute of Optimum Nutrition is the copyright owner of the Linus Pauling Video on Heart Disease.