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Overview of the Pauling Therapy

In 1989, the eminent American scientist Linus Pauling and his associate Matthias Rath MD, unlocked a profound medical mystery. After they discovered the reason for cardiovascular disease, Linus Pauling invented a non-prescription cure in 1991.

The invention, based on the cholesterol lysine binding sites, is worthy of a master chemist. Linus Pauling; genius, founder of modern chemistry, winner of two unshared Nobel prizes, and holder of 48 honorary Ph.D. degrees, said that in his opinion, heart disease can be "controlled," and even "cured," by the proper use of his therapy. "Proper use" implies much larger doses than currently recommended by medicine.

Pauling's claim is based on experimental proof with guinea pigs. There have been a few small studies with humans. Pauling was moved to say that "we should not wait for expensive, time-consuming, large scale studies because the potential benefits so out-weigh the risks." Fortunately for humanity, Linus Pauling summarized his views and the research on video, and in a published interview.

Pauling's therapy, while ignored by modern cardiology, attacks the root cause of heart disease. The stories of cardiovascular patients who adopt the protocol are dramatic. They recover quickly, avoiding more angioplasty and open heart surgery. Pauling filmed the Unified Theory video to inform us that his therapy is dosage dependent. At the recommended high doses, patient rapid recovery is the rule, not the exception.

Cardiologists have a duty to try Pauling's safe approach after they learn about it. Every cardiologist may safely observe the rapid, dramatic, undeniable improvement in their end-stage CVD patients, usually within 2 weeks. Not by lowering cholesterol, as medical doctors and the Media drumbeat would have us believe.

Even stranger, cardiologists are taught that nutritional therapies, esp. vitamin C, have no value. This fraud is maintained even though Pauling's therapy has no known adverse side effects.

As if their lives don't matter, countless among us still suffer and die every day. According to American Heart Association (AHA) statistics, more people in the USA die every week from Heart Disease, than died at the World Trade Center bombing on Sept 11, 2001. The AHA numbers are that cardiovascular disease cost the United States economy a staggering $326 billion dollars in the year 2000. So the cost of ignoring Pauling (since 1993-1995) approaches, or may even exceed, the national debt.

We ignore this carnage at our peril. It is time to face the truth, as can be viewed on video. Most of these deaths are needless. We estimate that 400,000 or more USA heart patients who die every year could be treated with Pauling's therapy for $144 million dollars per year. At the proper dosage, the large majority of patients (except those who have been treated with so-called beta radiation to stem restenosis) will immediately recover.

By "cured" we mean, as described on the Pauling video, patients report the complete cessation of their angina (chest) pain, color returns, blood pressure drops, blood flow increases, blockages disappear, heart rates drop, lipid profiles normalize, energy increases as does the sense of well being. Serum Lp(a) may be reduced. Patients who previously failed now pass treadmill stress tests without surgery or any other medical intervention. Patients barely able to walk before the Pauling therapy report that within a few months they can dig fence post holes and cut down trees. Some doctors have even told such patients that they have "grown" new blood vessels as the explanation for the increased blood flow to the coronary arteries feeding the heart. Pauling used the term "miraculous" on the video, and he was not over stating the effect.

Any reporter or investigator that doubts this claim should contact us. We can prove it with end-stage CVD patients in a matter of days.

The contents of this web page should interest those who:
  • have suffered a heart attack
  • have suffered a stroke
  • experience chest pains
  • have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease (CVD)
  • have a known arterial blockage
  • are scheduled for or have undergone an angioplasty
  • are scheduled for or have undergone a cardiac by-pass graph operation (heart bypass)
  • have elevated serum Lp(a) (greater than 20 mg/dl)


  • or if you are a health professional who treats these people.

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Former cardiovascular patients who have watched the LINUS PAULING VIDEO [Order] ON HEART DISEASE: A UNIFIED THEORY tell us:

" Pauling's Therapy saves lives!"
"The Therapy works, fast!"
"I waited months expecting the pain to return. It never did."
"Thank you for saving my husband's life."
"No more pain. The doctor is happy with my cholesterol levels."
"Thanks for the good medicine!"
"My doctors say they don't know what I am doing, but keep doing it!"
"Last month on my deathbed, after 10 years in the hands of modern cardiology, I received my last rites. Now I am painting my house!"
"Why don't doctors know about this?"
"I can actually feel it working!"
"Thank God for Linus Pauling!"

After 6 Years, What is Modern Medicine's Response to Linus Pauling's Amazing Discovery?


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