Notice their letterhead, LET'S LIVE: AMERICA'S FOREMOST HEALTH AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE MAGAZINE. Well, a safe, scientifically valid, and beneficial cure for heart disease, invented by one of the world's truly great scientists, is apparently not part of their editorial program. They show not the slightest interest. As, with Prevention Magazine, their attitude begs the question: What kind of editorial program they have?

It is also true the Let's Live has previously published unsubstantiated opinions that large amounts of lysine requires a corresponding high amount of the amino acid arginine. (The questionable research we found, from researchers at Loma Linda University, was on animals.)

The author claimed he wouldn't bet his life on lysine. So we wrote them. No response. We wrote the author again, and copied Let's Live. No response.

Well, we wouldn't bet our lives on the material you might read in LET'S LIVE magazine!