These Media Moguls Know the Truth about the Pauling Cure. Why Don't You?

How can the Major Media gets away with ignoring a health claim that could save millions of lives every year? A claim made by one of America's greatest scientist over a decade ago?

Principle. The American people are being systematically lied to.

Principle Any honest reporter who tries to buck the first principle risks the same fate as Chris Ruddy....


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Wake Up!

It turns out that no story makes the news without a reason. Many stories that should make the news, don't. If you are suffering heart disease, or if a family member or friend has heart disease, or has died of heart disease since 1992 then add your voice to those wanting an explanation. In 1995, we naively thought most major media outlets had integrity. We contacted them about the Linus Pauling/Matthias Rath claims of a cure for heart disease.

Surely, even if wrong, Pauling's stature as the world's only 2-time unshared Nobel Prize winner should have made this announcement newsworthy. A recognized genius and great humanitarian.

Instead, our efforts were met with cold silence. Many reporters seemed fearful - of their reputations they said. So we contacted their bosses. The moguls listed here.

Incomprehensively, the media blackout on this development continues to this day. As a direct result of this blackout, most medical doctors and mainstream scientists are generally unaware of the Pauling/Rath work. Their claims have yet to be formally tested by impartial observers in human beings.

Who benefits from such a news blackout?

Ironically, the fact that Pauling and Rath are not referenced in the Lp(a) literature may be the reason so many studies on Lp(a) itself have been conducted by medical researchers during the past 5 years.
(Lp(a) is the culprit in the heart disease story according to Linus Pauling, but you didn't know that... )

Recently, after witnessing the amazing near 100% recovery rate for "terminal" or "advanced" heart patients, we again contacted the Media Moguls about the Pauling invention. Greed or no greed, surely at least one of them would order a story that might save the lives of millions of their countrymen. How can every major media mogul in the USA be corrupt? Is the United States empire really that close to the fall?


These individuals were all sent packages detailing the Pauling discovery, the Lp(a) science available via the MEDLINE (comprehensive medical) database, and a description of our empirical experience. We included artwork for a public service advertisement we asked them to run in their publications.

So far, Media ByPass is the only publication (alternative media) to cover this story. See the end for a list of other recommended internet publications.

This was the basis of the cover letter sent in September of 1997:

In 1991, Linus Pauling invented a therapy for occlusive cardiovascular disease
In 1993, Pauling video taped his lecture about this discovery to neutralize Lp(a)
In 1994, Pauling was awarded a (joint) US patent for reversing heart disease
In 1995, We saw the video and began notifying media, including JAMA and NEJM
In 1996, Jama publishes Bostom's Lp(a) paper -- with no references to Pauling/Rath, even though Bostom admits to having read all their papers
In 1997, After empirically observing a high success rate in patients declared terminal, and finding over 1000 supporting MEDLINE studies, we have again contacted all media.

Of course we knew that printing this story could affect quite a few bottom lines...

But certainly one Mogul would have the integrity not to care when lives are at stake. Certainly one..

You might consider writing one or more of the individuals listed. Ask them why they continue to ignore a development that ranks, in terms of sheer accomplishment, with THE great scientific discoveries. Tell them about the people you know who have died, and who might have survived had the media merely reported, not passed judgement on, Pauling's announced cure.

However, maybe there is a better strategy. Maybe we all need to STOP paying attention to the corrupt BIG media, in favor of the new alternative media outlets such as MEDIA BYPASS, NEWSMAX and the SPOTLIGHT. As many many people have learned, the fastest way to get breaking world news is by visiting the DRUDGE REPORT. It is utterly inconceivable that medical authorities, and the major media, when advised of a putative cure for heart disease, invented by a great scientist no less, would ignore the news. Can you believe these people, who have the public trust, would not mount the least investigation?

We've done everything we can think of... Now we need your help. WE ARE NOT ASKING FOR MONEY. Write to these people. Ask them tough questions. Let them know you know about this. Ask why they aren't at least investigating, considering the staggering loss of life.

Disbelief and credibility are certainly excuses for not pursuing this story, but if Linus Pauling isn't credible, who is? How many other, lessor known scientists have found the cures for cancer, arthritis, or AIDS? How can we be sure we are not being told about it?

A little investigative leg work is all that is needed to verify that the basic facts, i.e., that Pauling did indeed invent a cure for Heart Disease in 1991, taped a lecture about the invention in 1993, and was awarded a joint patent in 1994. Today, the 1101 studies since 1992 are available via MEDLINE. There really is NO excuse for the continuing media blackout of this momentous story.

If experience is any indication, the majority of the above publications will continue to ignore the fact that an American Scientist invented a cure for heart disease. (Apparently, a significant "donation" is required before a news worthy item becomes news in the United States. Why should corruption in the media be any different from our other major institutions?)

If we missed your favorite newspaper or magazine, please email us the publisher's name and address. We'll send the same package of information, including a public service advertisement and our letter to JAMA.

Media By-Pass Magazine

The July 1998 issue of Media By-Pass, Vol. 6 #7, devotes two full pages to the Pauling Therapy. They claim to be Uncensored National News and they have shown they have journalistic integrity. Their web site is and you can call (812) 477-8670 to subscribe.

Alternative Media

And Consider This

The mainstream media won't report the cure for heart disease, but on the basis of an obscure laboratory procedure, the New York Times (Jane Brody) reported on April 9, 1998 that "It would be unethical to test higher levels" of vitamin C (>500 mg) based on the unsubstantied (and later retracted) British findings of oxidation damage in people taking vitamin C.

This news scared millions of people AWAY from the cure!?!

And the holocaust continues...


My dear reader, why do so many of us believe, generally without question, what we read and hear in the " news " ?

Try this. The next time you read a newspaper story, ask yourself: Who benefits from the story? Is there some person or group who will make money or gain power based upon the story or by the way it is written? This mental technique makes it easy to understand what is really going on. You begin to understand how the major media, acting as the marketing arm of its advertisers, especially the pharmaceutical giants, molds our thinking about "news," without our realizing it. Make this a habit for each and every story you read.

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