Ever notice how a doctor always blames a virus for almost anything he can not help you cure?

On August 29, 1996 an AP article carried on page A1/1 of the Daily Herald entitled "Study: Virus may negate benefits of angioplasty." This article is a clever attempt to deflect information otherwise damaging to organized medicine and pharmaceutical interests.

My first objection is that the Associated Press seems willing to print "rank speculation" as news because it appears in a medical journal. To my knowledge, the AP has been unwilling to publicize the well thought out Unified Theory of Heart Disease proposed by American's only two-time Nobel prize winning scientist Linus Pauling.

The article does contain some interesting information. For example, it correctly points out that approximately 1/3 of the 400,000 angioplasty operations fail. The plaque recurs. (Chelation doctors have been pointing to this phenomenon for years and explaining the double standard: Neither angioplasty nor coronary by-pass were ever studied clinically before coming into widespread use, yet the safer Chelation therapy is "knocked" because conventional medicine says Chelation lacks appropriate studies.)

I must point out that the Unified Theory of Cardiovascular Disease proposed by Dr. Linus Pauling and Matthias Rath, M.D. EXPLAINS WHY ANGIOPLASTY CAUSES RESTENOSIS. (Atherosclerosis, they explain, is a natural body healing process that becomes especially pronounced in the absence of vitamin C.)

I am again outraged that the Associated Press would allow itself to be used as a tool by organized medical interests (which can well afford the advertising.) Now we learn that angioplasty fails so often because of a virus that everybody has in their body? Come on!!

I believe that part of the reason a "possible viral role in heart disease" was chosen for this particular piece/study is the important news that Vitamin E prevents the Coxsackie virus from mutating. According to this month's PREVENTION magazine, Vitamin E prevents the virus from causing myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart.

It is quite transparent that the AP , either wittingly or unwittingly, is being used to disseminate misinformation designed to:

  1. Delay even further the recognition of the real reason heart disease is so prevalent. This allows up to 100 billion dollars a year to flow into medical and pharmaceutical coffers in unnecessary expenditures. (By publicizing these 'red herring' articles in the guise of news, the AP has helped certain unscrupulous members of the medical community impede the march of science.),
  2. Blunt the effect of the news about vitamin E and viruses, thereby causing confusion,
  3. Provide an excuse for the recognized long-term failure of angioplasty. It Ain't Our Fault!
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