"The BIG Lie"

The big lie is defined as "the intentional distortion of the truth, especially for political or official purposes."

This tactic of trying to deceive a country's citizens was written about by Adolph Hitler.

"The great mass of people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one." Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), German dictator. Mein Kampf, vol. 1, ch. 10 (1925)

Although most people are not yet aware of it, the mass media is being used as a propaganda weapon to spread misinformation about cheap alternatives to drugs and other pharmaceutical products.

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Would Medical Authorities Deliberately Misrepresent Science?

Certain elements associated with the medical establishment have declared war on the antioxidants. We are being flooded with erroneous information daily about vitamin C and other anti-oxidant nutrients.

While it is hard to believe that anyone would deliberately risk increasing human suffering, either to protect their vested economic interests or for any other reason, these biased and highly inaccurate reports are being disseminated by the Media, HMOs and even Chiropractors. (Chiropractors claim they must do it to satisfy the health insurance companies. Companies that pay some of their patient's bills.)

So who and why would human beings attack vitamin C and the other antioxidants?

That is what we need your help to find out. If you are offended by this campaign, contact us. You can help us get at the truth.

You can help! As you notice false, slanted or questionable reports, please forward them to the Vitamin C Foundation so that we may investigate and respond.

Forward details to Owen Fonorow: alert@vitamincfoundation.org
FAX:(630) 416-1309
PO Box 3097, Lisle, IL 60532 USA

Here are some recent examples:


Have vitamins been the target of a BIG LIE smear campaign? And if so, what does that really mean? It means that if there has been a smear campaign, somebody thought they had something to worry about. It would mean that there must be really something to the health claims attributed to vitamins -- otherwise why bother spreading disinformation?

On page 56 of P. Joseph Lisa's book The Assault on Medical Freedom the author presents interesting evidence that vitamins have been targeted by pharmaceutical interests, at least since the year 1985:

"In a letter dated February 7, 1985, Roger Miller sent Paul Chusid information about the "Roper poll on quackery." This was a survey of the general public that the PAC/FDA campaign had commission in October 1984, in order to identify targets for the campaign. An inspection of the survey is revealing.

Judging from the survey questions asked, it appears that those surveyed would get the impression that they were being asked these questions to solicit how effective these treatments were. However, the survey results apparently were used to identify what the public considered most effective in order to determine top-ranking priorities for the "anti-quackery" campaign. The following is a sampling of the survey:

How effective do you think (read item) is/are? 
			Heard		Very		Moderately	Not Very 
			of		Effective	Effective	Effective/Other 
a. Vitamins for		95%		29%		49%		9%/8% 
improved health 
b. Chiropractors	85%		25%		40%		8%/12% 
for back problems 
c. Psychological	68%		25%		32%		4%/8% 
Counseling for 
improved mental 
The category that "scored" fourth-highest was alternative cancer treatments. Others that appeared in the survey were weight reduction, body wraps, wraps for slimming, electrical muscle stimulators for body toning, creams to eliminate cellulite, DMSO for aches and pains, air ionizers for feeling healthier, laetrile for cancer, pills for a better sex life, pills to sober up, and creams to grow hair. The BIG THREE targets for the campaign became (1)vitamins, (2) chiropractic, and (3) alternative cancer treatments."

The Problem Now

When the organized "anti-vitamin" propaganda campaign was begun (apparently) in the early 1980s, it is highly probable the participants believed that "there was and is no value in amounts of essential nutrients over and above the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)." At worst, people might get a few more colds every year. No big deal.

Today, the situation is different. We now know that human lives are at stake. It is a scientific fact (as much as any statement can be) that: limiting the intake of vitamin C to the RDA (60 milligrams) causes chronic occlusive heart disease in human beings.

This is what the greatest scientist this century thought.

This is what a medical doctor who specialized in heart research and who has extensively studied (post mortem) human aorta's hardened with plaque thinks.

This is what any person thinks after seeing the pictures of animal atherosclerosis that has been induced by limiting the animal to the U. S. RDA of vitamin C!!

It is now a matter of life and death and the despicable misinformation campaign against the vitamins must stop.

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