More of the BIG Lie?

What's wrong with this picture?

The following propaganda was distributed by the Associated Press and printed in the Chicago area newspaper The Daily Herald on Wednesday, September 20, 1995. Articles like this one are distributed and printed periodically as "news".

This is an examples of the power of this country's organized medicine/pharmaceutical "industrial complex"; their propaganda arm has the ability to distribute distorted information and have it blindly printed by the mass media as "fact."

After reading the first sentence, "Sorry, the common cold still has no cure." the "propaganda aware" reader expects this article to be about some wonderful new drug. No surprise.

There is an element of truth in this article, e.g."No medicine can make the ubiquitous head cold go away, not even chicken soup." Vitamin C is not medicine. It is a nutrient required for life.

For those of you that believe everything they read in the newspaper and haven't heard, the "cure" for the common cold was first stumbled across in the 1940s by Dr. Fred Klenner, MD. By the 1970s, Nobel prize winning scientist Dr. Linus C. Pauling, feeling that this discovery was being ignored by the medical establishment, published the results of studies that measured the affect of vitamin C on the common cold. These studies showed that even small amounts of vitamin C could directly affect the occurrence and duration of the common cold. Now, 25 years later, statements of "fact" are still being made that there is "no cure" for the common cold.

Fortunately, millions of people now know differently from personal experience. We have also learned not to believe everything we read -- especially in the mass media.


The cure is to take 1-2 grams (1000-2000 milligrams) of vitamin C every 1/2 hour for the first 4-6 hours after the tickle begins in the throat. The dosage varies per individual. If you reach "bowel tolerance" and experience diarrhea (unlikely fighting a cold) then reduce the dosage to your tolerance level accordingly.

If you don't follow Dr. Pauling's advice, and the cold begins to take hold, it can not be stopped. It can still be controlled (symptoms reduced) by taking large amounts of vitamin C (perhaps 100-150 grams per day) depending on bowel tolerance.

Don't blame your doctor if she doesn't know about this or prescribe it. It is not her fault. She was never taught that vitamins in excess of the RDA have ANY value in fighting or controlling disease.

Is it me -- or are orthodox medical doctors the only people alive that don't know optimal amounts of vitamins are therapeutic against disease!?