Slowly, in my opinion

***Cholesterol Drugs - A Death Sentence?

Adverse Prescription Drug Reactions* 100,000 to 160,000
Automobile Accidents 39,325
Food Contamination 9,100
Boating Accidents 2,064
Household Cleaners 74
Acute Pesticide Poisoning 12
All Vitamins 0
Amino acids 0
Commercial Herbal Products 0

*2 million additional injuries caused by adverse reactions to prescription drugs.

Sources Data as of 1995 from American Association of Poison Control Centers, National Center for Health Statistics, Journal of the American Medical Association (April 1998), Centers for Disease Control, March of Dimes, Consumer Product Safety Commission, FDA Reports.

"Science by definition requires the free exchange of (possibly bad or wrong) ideas."

Face facts. Either the world's only 2-time (unshared) Nobel Prize winner is wrong, or most of the 400,000 medical doctors in the United States are wrong about what causes heart disease.

Doctors in the main are pretty smart people. The mechanism Pauling and Rath theorize causes cardiovascular disease is logical, straight forward and makes common sense. Almost too simple. It has been scientifically tested and would be easy for other scientists to verify.

Yet doctors, even the so-called enlightened ones, are resistant to the idea that a vitamin C deficiency can be the root cause of the Nation's number 1 killer. If Pauling is right, this ignorance causes unnecessary death and surgeries costing our economy $326 Billion annually.

We know from the figures that what ever modern medicine is doing, it isn't working - at least from the patient's point of view. Therefore, either Linus Pauling has made a gross error. Or, every doctor in the United States is an idiot. Or, something else is going on.

How can an entire profession of exceptionally bright people be fooled?

Is it possible that there are human beings deliberately distorting the truth about vitamin C? Can the National and World media be manipulated? Could such malfeasance lead most doctors, medical researchers and ordinary people away from a frightening simple solution to the great problem of heart disease?

We believe that the answer is yes. There are forces at work, at least since the 1940s, that want to make and keep you sick because it creates huge profits for the medico-pharmaceutical industry.

For background on how the media is manipulated, We highly recommend FORTY SOMETHING FOREVER: A Consumers Guide to Chelation Therapy by Harold and Arline Brecher.

For background on how doctors that step out of the mainstream are manipulated and their reputations ruined, we recommend RACKETEERING IN MEDICINE: The Suppression of Alternatives by Dr. James P Carter.

Medical "Science?"

Science by definition requires the free exchange of (possibly bad or wrong) ideas. This is what makes the end result trustworthy. Unfortunately, Medical "Science" is different. There are taboos that prevent the free exchange of certain ideas. Coincidentally, were these taboos removed, the end result would invariably lead to "unfair" safe competition for many toxic high-profit pharmaceuticals.

To see one of the primary web sites that discourages the free exchange of ideas by labeling certain scientists "quacks" and which also attempts to influence new medical students and the media against safe, effective and low cost alternatives to prescription drugs, hold your nose and visit QuackBusters.Com . In our opinion, (we are still allowed to have opinions, aren't we?) the people behind this site are trying to kill you - slowly, and by helping medicine squeeze every last cent out of you before you go. What we really think about these people. Plus The lesson learned: EVERY quackbuster lies. (Another opinion.)

Killing you Softly

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