September 21, 1997

Dr. David Kessler or Current Head
Food and Drug Administration
Department of Health and Human Services
Rockville, MD 20857

Dear Director:

I have contacted your agency in the past about the Linus Pauling/Matthias Rath therapeutic remedy for occlusive cardiovascular disease. It seems to me that a potential out-right cure for heart disease ought to have sparked more interest from your agency. It can be argumed that the only reason the Pauling remedy for heart disease isn't better known is because of the powerful vested economic interests that would be hurt. The Federal Drug Administration, by simply doing the job the public expects, has the where-with-all to eliminate 900,000 unnecessary heart operations every year.

As you must know, there is little incentive in the private sector in fund the kinds of studies that should have been run long ago. The money has been flowing into the coffers of the large pharmaceutical firms, exactly the firms that would be most hurt by this discovery. But isn't that what government, and especially the FDA, was established for? To offset the powerful market forces that act contrary to the general public good? The results I have seen, as described on the enclosed material, have been perfect. All, no matter how ill, have recovered on the Pauling therapy. As Pauling explains on the tape, "why is their need for a double-blind prospective study when you have results like these?" Since vitamin C and lysine are essential and harmless, what possible reason could there be not to inform the public about even the remote possibility of a cure?

From statistics published by the American Heart Association, over 2 million Americans have expired due to heart disease since your office was first advised of these matters. It is high time your office took some action. For one thing, helping to fund public service ads similar to the one enclosed. The world could use some in vivo studies of the Pauling multi-gram therapy. Now that you are advised that the Pauling remedy has had an empirical 100% success rate in patients declared terminal ill due to heart disease by their doctors, I hope you will consider putting a study of the Pauling "cure" on your high priority list. We are soliciting video tapes from these survivors, and we've only been able to mail questionnaires to 100 known survivors. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,

Owen R. Fonorow
The Vitamin C Foundation
Intelisoft Multimedia, Inc.
P. O. Box 3097
Lisle, IL 60532
Fax: 1.630.416.1309

FDA Response

The Pauling Cure for Heart Disease