June 1, 1998

Owen R. Fonorow

2880 Sun Valley Road

Lisle, IL 60532

The Honorable Janet Reno

U. S. Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Ave., NW

Washington, DC 20530-0001

Dear Ms. Reno or Delegate:

In 1995 it came to my attention that the late American scientists Linus Pauling invented a drug-free cure for heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States of America. According to Pauling, in 1986, more than one million people perish every year because of this disease. ABC News reported that over one million heart operations (angioplasty and by-pass) occur annually and the cost is estimated to be in excess of 100 billion dollars. I have spent the last three years in a futile attempt to inform and thereby interest the medical profession, National Institutes of Health and FDA, and the U. S. media in the Pauling Therapy. Details of this effort can be found from the internet site


It is very difficult to believe that when organized medicine learns of a potential cure, that could save the lives of millions of people, it would completely ignore this news. But that is exactly what has happened.

The recent publicity surrounding the Microsoft "monopoly" gave me the idea to write to the U. S. Justice Department. What Microsoft is doing may harm others economically, but what organized medicine is doing is killing people: Over one million every year while doctors incomes are rising and their incomes are among the top 1%. I always thought killing people was a crime in the United States of America.

Doctors take an oath which they violate if they were made aware of the Linus Pauling Therapy, but did not offer it to their patients., especially patients without any other medical options. Because the therapy is completely drug free without known side affects, merely knowing about the therapy creates a duty for the doctor. In order to avoid putting doctors into that position, organized medicine filters what its journals will print. Even letters about this development are not printed in JAMA or NEJM. Again, this evidence is posted on the web site.

I think the medical profession needs a wake-up call. Doctors in general may not be aware of the Pauling Therapy, but editors at the New England Journal of Medicine and for the Journal of the American Medical Association are. The deliberate attempt by these individuals to suppress this information has now cost more lives than those lost during every war this country has fought.

I have listed all the major media that has been repeatedly contacted on the web site. Freedom of the Press is important, but I think the Press too need their feet held to the fire.

Yours truly,

Owen R. Fonorow

Cc: My Congressional Delegation

Justices Department responds with form letter bearing no relation to this letter.

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