Michael and Mary Dan Eades, MDs, in their informative book PROTEIN POWER, offer an excellent overview of the life essential properties of cholesterol.


The consensus on cholesterol seems to be the lower, the better , but as we shall see, this is not always the case. Far from being a health destroyer, cholesterol is absolutely essential for life.

Although most people think of it as being "fat in the blood," only 7 percent of the body's cholesterol is found there. In fact, cholesterol is not really fat at all; it's a pearly-colored, waxy, solid alcohol that is soapy to the touch. The bulk of the cholesterol in your body, the other 93 percent, is located in every cell of the body, where its unique waxy, soapy consitency provides the cell membranes with their structural integrity and regulates the flow of nutrients into and waste products out of the cells.

In addition, among its other diverse and essential functions are these:

A quick review of this list should give you a better idea of what cholesterol does and dispel any notion that it is a destroyer of health to be feared and avoided at all costs. Far from being a serial killer, cholesterol is absolutely essential for good health; without it you would die. Without cholesterol we would lose the strength and stability of our cells, rendering them much less resistant to invasion by infection and malignancy. In fact, a grave sign of serious illness, such as cancer development or crippling arthritis, is a falling cholesterol level.

Read more in PROTEIN POWER, Miachael R. Eades, M.D., and Mary Dan Eades, M.D., Bantam Books, 1996.

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