Low Cholesterol Linked to Stroke Risk

Have you been faced with a Computer Printout of your cholesterol readings with your LDL out of normal - high?

Be wary of the $100/bottle cholesterol lowering drug pushers. There are unscrupulous doctors, real quacks called cardiologists, who are taking advantage of older people and Medicare. These so-called doctors use a computer print-out to show what "normal" cholesterol and other blood factors should be.

Who can argue with a computer printout?

So why would an elderly person with a total cholesterol level of 190 be terrified and put on medication that has been shown to cause cancer in rodents at normal dosages? (Read the fine print that comes with the prescription.)

Recommendations of the Adult Treatment Panel of the National Cholesterol Education Program

Total Cholesterol

Total Cholesterol
mg/dL mmol/L
Desirable <200 <5.17
Borderline high 200-239 5.17-6.18
High >240 >6.21


Low-density-lipoprotein (LDL) Cholesterol
mg/dL mmol/L
Desirable <130 <3.36
Borderline high 130-159 3.36-4.11
High >160 >4.13

Found on pae 196, NUTRITIONAL ASSESSMENT, Robert D. Lee, David C. Nieman, 1993.


lipoprotein(a) or Lp(a) Cholesterol
Desirable <10
Borderline high 11-24
High >25

Owen Fonorow

Effects of Lipid-Modifying Drugs on HDL, Dense LDL, Triglycerides, and Lp(a)

Lipid-Modirying Drugs.
Lipoprotein PropertyNicotinic AcidStatinsFibratesResinsComination of Nicotinic Acid and Statin
HDL Levels Increase (Average 25-40%, Rante 0-100%) Increase (3-10%) Increase (TG 500 3-5%, TG more 1000 35%) No Change Increase (Average 35%)
TG Levels Decrease (Average 30-70%, Range 0-95%) Decrease (TG Less 500 10-30%, TG more 1000 40-50%) Decrease (TG less 500 25%, TG more 100 65-80%) No change to increase Decrease (Average 75%)
LDL Particle Density Decrease in dense (pattern B) LDL by up to 90%, Increase in buoyant (pattern A) LDL by up to 20% Dramatic Decrease in dense (pattern B) LDL, Decrease in buoyant (pattern A) LDL Increase in desnse (Pattern B) LDL by 15-150%, Increase in buoyant (pattern A) LDL by 25-140% Decrease in dense (pattern B) LDL, Increase in buoyant (pattern A) LDL Decrease in dense (pattern B) LDL, Average 80-90%, Decrease in buoyant (pattern A) LDL
Lp(a) Levels Decrease (Average 15-35%, Range 0-50%) No Change No Change No Change Decrease (Average 15-35%)

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