Abolish the FDA

The Conflict of Interest at the FDA

"A Bizarre phenomena haunts the practitioner of Natural Therapeutics, it is that patients willingly accept the huge physical risks associated with Medical Care. Yet that same patient and their family has no tolerance for any risk associated with Natural Therapeutics. A one or two percent death rate just from the use of anesthesia is completely acceptable, the death of 40,000 people a year from prescribed medication reactions is acceptable, the death of 40,000 people a year from surgery is acceptable, the death of several thousand people a year from improperly administered or incorrect medications is acceptable, the hospitalizing of over 8 million people in 1994 for drug related mortality and morbidity is tolerated, but not one death or injury from Natural Therapeutics is tolerated." [Dr. James Bare, DC, Resonant Frequency Therapy]

What You Can Do

According to Dr. Bare, "At some point an honest appraisal of the falsehoods and blatant lies that are spread about the Medical Treatment of some terminal illnesses must be undertaken. We are lulled into a sense of having to fight hard and spend big to defeat these diseases, only in the end to loose our life to the disease and accumulated wealth of the Medical community." To help us reach that appraisal point sooner than later, here's what you can do:

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  1. Become well informed . Start by reading Dr. James Carter's book RACKETEERING IN MEDICINE: The Suppression of Medical Alternatives. Consider subscribing to the TOWNSEND LETTER FOR DOCTORS AND PAITENTS.
  2. Write letters to your local newspaper and magazine editors. Mentally question every unauthored AP (or other news service) article that cast aspersions on natural treatments or cast prescription drugs in an especially favorable way. Write to your local news editor with these questions. Let them know you are awake out there.
  3. Work to abolish the FDA There may be a legitimate Governmental role for the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). However, outside power will always influence and eventually corrupt government agencies. As currently structured and implemented, the FDA should be abolished. It is now a puppet or tool for the large pharmaceutical interests and the enforcement arm of this agency is ultimately responsible for millions of premature deaths every year. The only reasonable course of action is to demand the abolishment of the FDA and rely on market forces. If you agree, write to your congressperson. Vote for candidates who work for FDA reform and abolishment. [The Conflict of Interest at the FDA from USA Today]
  4. Support Scaling down the National Institutes of Health Like the FDA, the NIH is another sub-unit of the Health and Human Services department. This multi-billion dollar agency uses our tax dollars to support the Medical status quo. It has great influence on medical thinking, textbooks, research directions, and the like. The grant money this agency dispenses has corrupted the research it fosters. OUR TAX MONEY ENDS UP SUPPORTING PHARMACEUTICAL INTERESTS! Again, we'd all (outside the medico-pharmaceutical complex) be better off if the NIH was disbanded, or greatly scaled down, until and unless this agency becomes a friend of low cost, effective, alternative approaches to disease that can not find research funding in normal industry. Write to the NIH and ask them to account for their expenditures, and ask them why the fund so little research into effective and low-cost alternative therapies.
  5. Work to change the laws in your state to foster alternative medicine In many states today, medical doctors can lose their license simply by dispensing vitamins, or other alternative therapies. A few states, such as Alaska, have passed laws that protect doctors who practice unorthodox approaches unless a specific harm from the treatment can be proven. See what you can do in your state to implement these "patient choice" laws.

    Free Choice Honor Role

    These states have passed laws that enshrine medical freedom of choice into law:

    1. ALASKA,
    3. OREGON,
    4. OKLAHOMA,
    6. NEW YORK,
    7. COLORADO,
    8. GEORGIA,
    9. UTAH,
    10. TEXAS,
    11. MINNESOTA,
    12. OHIO.
  6. Don't be afraid to question your doctor The United States has probably the best diagnostic tools in the world. The Medical profession can usually find out what is wrong with you. The perversion is in the recommended Medical treatment. Any treatment that requires a prescription from the doctor, or high priced treatment from a doctor is favored over treatments that can be safely self- administered by the patient or an untrained practitioners -- regardless of whether or not the therapies work. There may be cases where conventional approaches work better, i.e., quickly and safely. But do your home work. Use the internet to find information, especially alternative treatment modalities, for your specific condition. Bring this information to your doctor and tell him or her that you want to be treated in the safest, most effective method available.
  7. Boycott Media that doesn't tell you the truth What we think of in the USA as a "free press" is hardly that. The press is some-what protected from Government intrusion and power, but not from the power of gigantic industrial concerns like the Pharmaceutical Companies, who along with the rest of the medical community control roughly 7% of the Gross Domestic Product. The pharmaceutical industrial complex has a symbiotic relationship with the Media that has made them both very powerful. No one can say which major media is corrupt, but MEDIA BY-PASS magazine, at the time of this writing in 1999 is NOT corrupt. Seek out newspapers, magazines, newscasts that are willing to tell the truth. Refuse to watch media that seem to drone medico- pharmaceutical propaganda. Especially media that purports to provide alternative health remedies, i.e. PREVENTION magazine, but contain much pharmaceutica advertising. Turn the channel immediately when you hear a "heart check America" commecial.
  8. Share this knowledge with others Fortunately, in the United States, every citizen still has one vote -- no matter how wealthy they may be. Great wealth through the mass media can influence elections. But a knowledgable public can overcome the mass media. Work to make your family, friends and neighbors aware.

These steps will cost you little or nothing and may, one-day, end much unnecessary suffering.

This web site is costly to maintain. As of the year 2000, a single heart surgery costs a patient (or her insurance company) more than our company (Intelisoft Multimedia) has taken in as gross revenue since our inception in 1995. There are more than 400,000 such surgeries every year in the USA. The only way this battle can be won is a grass roots word-of-mouth campaign via the internet. Save these web pages to your hard disk (just in case). Print copies or tell your friends to visit. Ordering your own copy of the Linus Pauling video benefits the Linus Pauling estate, the Institute for Optimum Nutrition as well as you and your friends and neighbors. It is a win-win decision.

In 1986, the late American scientist, two time Nobel prize winner, and humanitarian, Linus Pauling wrote:

"Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent by the National Institutes of Health, the American Heart Association, and other agencies in support of studies of cardiovascular disease in relation to LDL and HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, saturated fats, and unsaturated fats. Very little attention has been paid to vitamin C and other vitamins. I think that these agencies have been betting on the wrong horse.

"It is fortunate that vitamin C is not a drug ­ it is an orthomolecular substance, normally present in the human body and required for life, and it has extremely low toxicity. You do not need to have a physician's prescription or the approval of the medical establishment to use it in the best way to improve your health and to prevent heart disease. Your knowledge may even be greater and your judgment better than theirs." [Pauling, How to Live Longer and Feel Better, 1986]

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