According to newspaper reports, new drugs being called angiostatin and endostatin, inhibit the growth of cancer tumors in laboratory animals by cutting off the blood supply to the tumor.

Why then, in a free country, do people have to wait 12 to 18 months before the drug is made available?

Here are a few ideas...

  1. Hoax for reasons unknown. (Medical Science needs a shot in the arm?)
  2. The drugs do not really work in laboratory animals.
  3. The Government FDA needs to justify its existence.
  4. Drug company is waiting for U. S. patent protection that will ensure future monopoly.
  5. Medical authorities want to promote the myth that medical "science" requires a large clincal study to ascertain scientific truths.
  6. Allowing a promising medicine into therapy without an expensive study might open the door to other cures and thus might by-pass the barriers carefully established to protect large drug companies.
  7. The "cancer industry" and various cancer charities need time to disband.
  8. If they let this drug out, they'd have to let the other 299 potential cancer drugs that companies are working on and are further along (currently in trials and playing by the rules) out too.
  9. Various elements in Government, and elsewhere, understand the ramifications to social security, and are in no rush to see people cured.

That's right. There are no good reasons. All drugs should be made immediately available to any individual willing to try them.

There may be another reason the new cancer drugs are getting so much publicity. The success of existing nutraceuticals, such as Beta-1,3-D glucan and Aloe Vera. Immune modulators/enhancers, like Beta-1,3-D glucan are FDA approved, available now without prescription and have been shown to shrink existing tumors. Might it be that these substances are threatenning the investments of drug companies?

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