This is from Dr. Jon Cat. 

Hola Amigos from The Dominican Republic,

Raiza and I are having a wonderful time in our beach home on the
North Coast of The Dominican Republic.  I did not plan on any letters
for a few weeks but I wanted to share some very good news.

As most of you know, I am 68, and had an angioplasty in 1997.  Last
January my carotid arteries showed a 70% occlusion (stenosis or
blockage), almost to the point which dictates surgical
intervention . . . which carries some risk.

In May I began taking 300 mg. of CoQ-10 daily.  When the Linus
Pauling formula was introduced in July, I began taking 4-6 tablets

A scan of my carotids last week showed a 50% occlusion on the left
side and 65% on the right side.  This life threatening problem
seldom, if ever, improves.  My cardiologist has no explanation. I
mentioned the supplements.  He thinks it is nonsense that something
so simple, safe and cheap could possibly replace dangerous, expensive
($10,000.00 - $60,000.00) surgery.

In the last month I have received many favourable reports from those
taking the Pauling formula and CoQ-10.  They range from apparent
miracles (which are probably the placebo effect) to the more
frequently mentioned, "I have less, or no, chest pain/tightness
(angina), when I exercise, after taking it for two months."

If you are a smoker, have heart disease, or a genetic predisposition
for same, I urge to give Dr. Pauling's therapy a go.  If you haven't
read of his suppressed research, see:

This therapy is catching on rapidly.  Many are selling this simple
formula of C, L-Lysine and L-Proline.  Most sell it for $30-$70; if you begin this therapy I urge you to take CoQ-10 as well.  While this therapy shows great promise, it is NOT an over night
miracle.  It has taken many years of abuse for our body to get in
this condition.  No pill will repair the damage quickly.  However,
this is a small price to pay for a "Heads you win (perhaps your
life), tails you break even" proposition.
Our home is 2 km from Caberete, billed as The Wind Surfing Capital of
the World.  Having been an experienced sailor for many years, I
figured that wind surfing would be easy.  Alas, easy to do is easy to
say.  After "turning turtle" a number of times (gasp), I am getting
the hang of it.  What great fun.

A friend, with a 50' Swan, a yar boat for sure, invited us to sail to
St. Maartin with him.  While you masochists are up to your ears in
snow and ice, think of your friends on a broad reach in the
Caribbean . . . and . . . eat your heart out! (heh, heh).

Anchors aweigh,