Life in the Twilight Zone

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Copyright 2003 Owen R. Fonorow

"Harvard found a 30% reduction in heart disease by taking a SINGLE daily vitamin C pill, meaning one pill would save more than 300,000 lives per year! One pill. Yet, medicine needs more "studies" before recommending vitamin C, and the 'polypill' becomes the big news..."

Pharmaceutical companies lie because they can not tell the truth and stay in business.

On July 15, 2003, I began to realize just how far my life has transmutated into the Twilight Zone. This thought struck quietly in the back of the room at the Wisconsin department of Licensing and Regulation (DORL) headquarters in Madison. I watched and listened intently as the crowd swelled, while the subject of the cross examination, the current President of the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), testified under oath that he had, in fact, collided with cars on two separate occasions while jogging.

Dr. Robert Baratz, MD, DDS, PhD, testified that after both incidents, he had attempted to collect damages. (Unfortunately, the second car he ran into was driven by the 70-year old Dean of Tuft's University law school. Baratz not only lost the case, but was ordered to pay the Dean's legal fees.)

Thinking the testimony couldn't get any weirder, frail, mild mannered, 120 lb, 70-year old Florence Wilson, MD entered the room. The kindly old lady had been flown in for this occasion. It seems that Dr. Baratz and Dr. Wilson once worked for the same institution, and that there had been an "altercation." Dr. Wilson had "tugged" at his arm, causing it to lose function. Baratz subsequently sued Wilson for 3 million dollars in damages. This disability is what he claims kept him from the practice of medicine in recent years. (Again, under oath, testimony was given that Dr. Baratz lost the law suit, but apparently he filed a workman's compensation claim to "protect his rights.")

Dr. Baratz's CV claims he is a consultant to Congress. Under oath, it turned out that his consultancy was "testimony before a congressional AntiAging Committee against "anti-aging" quakery." The entire audience gasped after he testified that the "skin rejuvenation clinic" he owns/runs brags about the clinically proven power of antioxidants in the skin creams he sells." (He testified that he has seen the studies supporting these statements.)

Just another day in the Twilight Zone.

Big pharma is based on a Big lie, and apparently liars attract other liars.

The real disturbing part of my life that makes me certain I am somehow trapped in the fifth dimension is that I now know how to, and routinely show people how to cure their heart disease.

In America, thanks to Big Medicine and Big Pharma inspired laws, not only does such "criminal" knowledge put one at risk of incarceration (Darn close to practicing medicine without a license, ask Jason Vale. Actually, this knowledge surpasses the practice of orthodox medicine.), but I have the enormous satisfaction that is missing from the lives of ordinary cardiologists.

You would be foolish to believe me. ( I don't blame you. I just read that the FDA is going to approve a health claim for walnuts.)

I find that helping people cure themselves - in days - is highly satisfying. The kind of satisfaction that only comes from talking to formerly ill heart patients who report having become well in weeks, sometime a matter of short days. Seems the dosage has much to say about how long, or short the cure takes. I am also satisfied when I hear that someones "untreatable" Angina (surgery not an option) has disappeared, but returns shortly after stopping the therapy.

There is a thrill in seeing EKG printouts that doctors tell me "don't look like the same people" (before and after the therapy). EGKs showing damaged hearts that have somehow, miraculously, healed. Meaning the dead muscles cells are now alive.

Cardiology and the American Heart Association routinely advise against taking extra vitamin C.

Recently, the admittedly preliminary Harvard finding that only one of 880 substances tested will stimulate undifferentiated mouse stem cells to differentiate into heart muscle cells did not make headlines.

Business is business. Vitamin C would compete with cholesterol drugs (can't stop those advertising dollars) that now earn over $20 billion.

Curious about the story behind the cure for heart disease? I simply recommend that people do the opposite of what cardiology and the American Heart Association routinely advise.

Take vitamin C. And lysine.

I ask people to watch a video tape of the world's only 2-time unshared Nobel prize winner, Linus Pauling. I may tell them what other people have reported over the past SEVEN or EIGHT years.

Curing heart disease is easy. People do it all the time.

Maybe I'm living in the 10th dimension?

The Vitamin C Poster Boy - The Picture of Health

Following the advice of Fred Klenner, MD and Linus Pauling, PhD, my son Jeff's vitamin C began before his conception - through his mother, then though lactation (10 g) and multiple grams continue to this day (age 13).

Not only is his skin texture "perfect", He has rarely been ill, and has never really felt sick a day in his life (as his latest perfect attendance certificate attests.) Our vitamin C boy knows what optimal health really is, and how easy it is to obtain with a few daily pills.

[Pictures of Jeff and his certificate]

Every child in America, every person in American can easily achieve this level of "super health."

Here is my prescription. Start by by ignoring the pharmaceutical instigated propaganda in the media and simply follow Linus Pauling's recommendations made in his last book HOW TO LIVE LONGER AND FEEL BETTER. (Advice strangely ignored by the current rulers of the Linus Pauling institute, now at Oregon State University.)

More virtual reality...

A recent vitamin C study by the Harvard school of public health in 85,000 women over 15-years found that a single small vitamin C pill (360 mg) taken daily reduces heart disease by 30%. (The same effect was not found from the vitamin C in foods, only the pills.)

Apparently, the chance to save more than 300,000 lives (30% of the reported 950,000 annual heart related deaths) combined with the utter nontoxic nature of the vitamin is not enough for medicine to recommend that everyone take a vitamin C pill. The paper said more studies are required...

Wasn't that Harvard? 85,000 subjects? 16 years? Didn't they find we might save 300,000 lives. More studies????

Reporting from the zone, it is my experience over the last seven or eight years recommending vitamin C to heart patients that not one pill - but say 10 or 20 vitamin C pills daily, along with an equivalent number of lysine pills eliminate the risk of heart disease - completely.

My very real fear is that Linus Pauling is turning over in his grave.

This fear arises after reading criticism of the Harvard nurses study by the current head of the Linus Pauling Institute. Showing his disrespect for the nurses ability to keep proper records in the study, Dr. Frei's comment why pills (supplements) might have showed the profound decrease in heart disease, but not vitamin C in the diet, "Its easier to keep track of the supplements you take, than to remember what you eat." Using Frei's logic, if they forgot to list foods with vitamin C, then the case for pills is even stronger! The nurses in the "low intake group" were getting even MORE vitamin C in their foods than reported. The difference becomes even more striking. (I am thinking about suing Dr. Frei for my disability caused by falling out my chair after reading his comments.)

Actually the Harvard study, published in the July issue of CIRCULATION, does prove how damaging vitamin C really is - to the bottom line of the pharmaceutical companies marketing statin cholesterol lowering drugs. Not one trial of any of the statin drugs has ever shown a significant change in the overall mortality rates compared to placebo. According to Eddie Vos,, in all cases, after millions of statin pills, when you graph the mortality curves, they "touch" in both groups.

Don't expect to ever read about this in the mass media.

The media is too busy pushing a hypothetical "poly pill".

To make matters worse, last year, I became aware of the 100-year-old theory and "100% cure" for cancer.

I'm in big trouble.

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