Price Comparison

Tower Heart Technology drink mix formula not only eliminates many pills, it is more economical than many people first think. Here is an example of what it might cost to obtain the ingredients in one jar of Heart Technology (one month supply) at your local drug stores in pill form:

Ingredient GNC Walgreens Kmart
Vitamin C (90 gm) $13.98 $5.03 $4.86
Lysine (84 gm) $8.24 $7.50 $7.27
Proline (7.5 gm) Not Available ($2.00) Not Available Not Available
Carnitine (7.5 gm) $12.50 $10.49 Not Available ($10.49)
Vitamin E (12660 IU) $13.40 $3.32 $2.17
Vitamin A (240000) $7.17 $1.20 $1.05
Co-Q10 (300 mg) $3.99 $4.93 $3.53
Stevia (1500 mg) $3.99 Not Available Not Available
Totals $65.27$38.46$35.36
HT Savings (@$35.95) $28.32! savings $1.51 cents ($-.59)
CASE HT (@$27.95) $37.32!! savings $10.51 savings $7.41 savings

Prices from 3 random Chicago area retail stores on June 30, 2000. (When not available used lowest price.)
Proline not available. Used on-line store $2 price for comparison.
Comparisons do not include local sales taxes or shipping charges

Prices in many health food stores are a lot higher. When you order Heart Technology, it is delivered fresh to your home every month. You can avoid 16 to 48 pills, all the bottles, and pay less money for top quality ingredients. Tower has been providing relief to cardiovascular patients since 1996.

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